YouTube Changes Will Live In 2020 Might Effects Creator Revenue


YouTube is planning to change its policy which will live from January 2020. It might hamper the revenues of the creators. The changes are being made due to issues raised by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding YouTube’s compliance under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

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Major Change:

With COPRA, YouTube will stop serving personalized ads on the content that is majorly made for kids. This is happening because serving personalized ads are not permissible according to COPRA.

Company Statements:

YouTube Change In Policy For Kids Content
YouTube Change In Policy For Kids Content
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Importance Of Content Made For Kids:

According to YouTube, content which is made for kids gives importance to:

  • Children or children’s characters.
  • Popular children’s programming or animated characters.
  • Play-acting, or stories using children’s toys.
  • Child protagonists engaging in common natural play patterns such as play-acting and/or imaginative play.
  • Popular children’s songs, stories or poems.

Major Problem:

If YouTube identifies that the content is referring to made for kids then there is no option of appealing the Youtube decisions. The only option left with creators is to go to the ” seek legal counsel”.


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