YouTube Experimenting New Timed Comments On Video Playbacks

YouTube is experimenting with a new method to showcase the comments to the viewers. In this method, comments will be displayed at a particular time during a playback video. This will give more meaning to the comments. Through this viewers can also find out where the best threads are going on with each video frame.


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We’re currently testing a new feature that allows you to view comments timed to the exact moment you’re watching in a video. This experiment is available on some videos to a small group of people and we’ll consider rolling this out more broadly based on feedback.

To know whether you are in the testing group or not, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Go to your comments section area through the YouTube app (iOS & Android).
  • Press the Sort button, present on the bottom right of the video.
  • If you are in a tested group then you will find the “Timed Beta” option.

Timed Option on the Video Playback
Image Source: Android Police


According to Youtube, the test is being conducted on a small group of people present in the US. The company will evaluate the testing results then proceed with an expansion of this method globally.

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