YouTube has expanded its monetization policies for the creators’ benefit this time. Now, Youtube is allowing to run ads on a couple of more types of content. Creators will be able to earn some more revenue on their content.

This can only happen because YouTube has made some adjustments to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines. Earlier, these guidelines were really strict in terms of running ads.


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Adjustments In YouTube’s Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines

Earlier some of the contents were partially monetized but from today onwards those partially content can be fully monetized.

Every creator’s YouTube studio is marked with some color-coded icons and with the help of that creators can tell whether their videos are fully monetized or partial.

Color Icons are as follows:

  • Green icon: Video is eligible to earn full revenue.
  • Yellow icon: Video will display limited or no ads.
  • Red icon: Video is ineligible for monetization.
  • Grey icon: Monetization has been manually turned off by the creator.

Representative of YouTube States

Across the company we’re aware that when you receive a yellow icon on your content it can feel as if YouTube isn’t being supportive. The advertiser friendly guidelines are restrictive in some areas more than others because advertisers want the option to opt-in on some content and, in others, have no tolerance for running ads.

Examples of those kinds of areas are content which features graphic dead bodies or really detailed discussions around sexual abuse. So it’s really a balancing act for us making sure you have the best possible opportunity to monetize your content on the platform while making sure that advertisers are still happy to pay for ad space.

YouTube has tried to move some of the content from the Yellow icon to the green icon. The adjustments were made to the following types of content:

A. Educational Content

YouTube will extend its monetization policies for educational, documentary, and news-related channels. These channels might show some violent content but with law enforcement in them.

B. Controversial Content

YouTube is also thinking to expand its monetization policies for controversial issues also. They will show the content without the graphic and the main objective of their discussion will be some controversial issue.

YouTube Video

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