In a recent video, YouTube gives answers to a number of questions asked about its search and discovery algorithm. Along with answers, the company shares keyword research tips as well for the videos.

YouTube’s “Creator Inside” channels share the videos on such topics only. One of the members from the search and discovery algorithm team comes and gives relevant answers to the questions asked by the users.


YouTube Gives Insights On New Verification Process For Creators

Keyword Research Tips By YouTube

1) Audience Insights:

Inside YouTube Analytics, there is an option of Audience insights which shows what other videos are in trends and who are the creators. According to YouTube, this could an important source for looking at keywords. This will give an idea of new topics as well.

2) Google Trends:

This is a very common source for SEOs. YouTube sees this source in a different manner. With the help of Google Trends, creators can be updated about the hot topics at that time. In Google Trends, you can take multiple topics and compare them as well.

Google Trends Comparison Between Two Topics
Image Credits: Google

3) Competitive Analysis:

Competitive analysis is another source with which many of the SEOs are quite familiar. In this, a creator needs to enter the keywords in YouTube’s search bar and learn from the most viewed videos.

Creators need to analyze the thumbnails, titles, ad placement, and many more things. The main goal of the creator should be to make the videos engaging.

Video Shared By YouTube

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