YouTube has lifted the ban on the monetization of content related to COVID-19. Although few exceptions do apply. The monetization ban has been lifted for all the channels throughout the platform.

YouTube Statement

YouTube Statement
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Monetization update
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

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As mentioned above, some exceptions apply. The following examples related to COVID-19 that will not be allowed to present ads:

  • Disturbing Footage: Content on people suffering due to COVID-19
  • Pranks And Challenges: Pranks related to COVID-19 or challenges that encourage medically threatening activities.
  • Wrong Medical Information: Content that provides misinformation to the users about the COVID-19 matters.

These are a few examples, not the actual full list.

Don’t Worry About Losing Your Ads For Mentioning COVID-19

After declaring the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, YouTube removed ads from the related content. YouTube made strict policies for demonetizing content that not even mentioning of COVID-19 or coronavirus was allowed. In response to still earn some revenue from their videos, YouTubers started using phrases like the Pandemic, the virus, and other such phrases. It was an injustice to news organizations and journalists YouTubers as their job belongs to keeping people updated about the situation.

Best Practices By YouTube For COVID-19 Content

YouTube offered recommendations in regard to the content related to COVID-19

  • Provide Sources For Your Statements: Make use of official sources from organizations such as National Health Service, World Health Organization and Centers For Disease Control.
  • Be Sensible: YouTube guides to share COVID-19 related content with favorable intentions in mind as it is an ongoing global crisis.

Some Previous Information

This is a follow up to a news published by YouTube on a decision to put monetization ban on COVID-19 related content. Youtube made this decision at the starting of March that mentioning COVID-19 related content in videos will not be eligible for advertising. As it went on it was observed that this pandemic was going to be a long term crisis not for some time.

Considering this YouTube CEO made the statement that Ads will be re-enabled for content related to the discussion of coronavirus on selected few channels. YouTube says it will increase monetization for more organizations, journalists and news reporters in the coming weeks. Now the content mentioning COVID-19 or about COVID-19 will be eligible for ads ( except for the conditions mentioned above)

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