Youtube has made changes in its policy which upsets the creators and impacts the content of major and popular channels. Youtube has changed its policy twice in a month. Earlier this month, the company has amended its monetization policy and now the harassment policy.

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Problem For Creators

Policy changes by the company the entire genre in which one creator discusses another creator and includes a level of criticism towards them. Those channels will face a major set back. But according to the new policy, these kinds of content have a very thin line of what would be and what would not be considered as acceptable content.

Channels like gossip and commentary will be most affected by this new change in policy. Their growth will now be stable and even face a downfall as well.

Response By Creators

As YouTube is increasing and expanding globally becomes conscious of the content that has been uploaded by them. The creators have a fear of removing their content from the platform.

There is no shortage of videos explaining the new harassment policy. All the videos state that this will result at the end of an era.

YouTube Videos For Policy Change
YouTube Videos For Policy Change
Image Source: Search Engine Journal




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