Copyright claims one of the biggest problems for YouTube creators in recent times. The company was working over a year for this process and finally, last month added a new feature to YouTube studio. This process will automatically delete the claim session from their video and helps them to free their video from any such claim.

Screenshot Of YouTube Strike

YouTube CopyStrike Notice
YouTube CopyStrike Notice
Image Source: Social Media Today

Copyright Strike Meaning

Copystrikes means when one creator illegally uses the original content of another creator. The material could be used in any way in the video. Generally, music is copied by the creators.

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Copyright Strike Consequences

Whenever a copyright claim is filed and authorized, this additionally permits the claimant to take any sales generated from that video as a result – which, unavoidably, has caused some spurious claims, in which even the slightest hint of a track clip results in dollars away from creators.

Explanation By YouTube

Youtube Explanation
Youtube Explanation
Image Source: Social Media Today


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