YouTube Includes More Analytical Data & Upgrades Its Studio Mobile App

YouTube is giving more data to its creators along with some upgrades in its Studio Mobile App. From now, creators will have new metrics to know about their video views.

New Analytics data is consists of more granular information about the source of the video views. The upcoming updates in Studio Mobile App are considered to be the first step of making Youtube studio of the desktop on the phone.


YouTube Adds New Video Comparison Tools For Creators

New Features In Analytics Data Of YouTube Studio

  1. Living Room Data
  2. New & Returning Viewers

Upgrades in Studio Mobile App

A. Changes In Real-Time Card: When the creator opens Studio Mobile App and went to the Analytics section then they see a real-time card. Following are the changes that are made by YouTube in this card:

  • Thumbnails: Now, it shows the thumbnails of each and every video.
  • Amount of Videos: Real-time cards now records 15 videos in a single time. Earlier, it can record up to 10 videos only.
  • Sorting: This feature sorts the video on the basis of the video views.

B. Changes To Tab: Earlier, tabs were overhauled on Studio Mobile App. But now, Youtube has aligned the most useful tabs such as audience, engagement, overview, revenue, etc.

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