YouTube has initiated a new resource called “Shorts Report” a biweekly report for the creators. The report will give regular updates about the platform and some tips and tricks.

YouTube shorts are basically a rival of TikTok in which users can upload a video of 60 seconds.  Currently, Shorts are shown on the homepage. The “Shorts Report” is currently working in a beta version but sooner it will be live for all the creators.


YouTube Gives Insights On New Verification Process For Creators

Short Reports Advantages

YouTube short is a new platform for the creators, therefore, it becomes necessary for them to know whether the platform is worth their time or not.

The biggest problem creators have faced so far is that the count of short video views is as same as the normal video view counts. As a result, creators cannot distinguish the channel total’s view count.

YouTube Partner Program

The major benefit of counting Shorts views in a total channel view is for the small creators. With this, they can easily accept the “YouTube Partner Program” that will allow them to run ads on their videos and earn some revenue from it.

One of the criteria for accepting the “YouTube Partner Program” is that the channel must have 4000 hour watch time. With YouTube Shorts, creators can achieve this milestone with some sort of ease.

The ones who are already into the “YouTube Partner Program” has less to do with YouTube Short. Therefore, the company needs to offer for those creators as well. As for now, creators cannot run ads on YouTube short videos but sooner this feature will also be there.

YouTube Mandate

Our goal with the Shorts Report is simple; support YOU on your creation journey, regardless of your starting point. Whether you need the push to make your first video, inspiration for your next Short, or help figuring out how to use our creation tools, the Shorts Report has you covered.

YouTube Shorts Reports Contains

Youtube Shorts report consists of various things. Everything present in reports is like a brief explanation on how to use the tool and maximize your engagement. Following are the things that are present in the report:

  • Content Trends
  • Strategy Making Procedure
  • Tools
  • Q&A
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