Tom Leung, YouTube’s Creator Insider states that YouTube will release two new features to YouTube publishers. Firstly Leung has confirmed that users now can use its new listing of when the audience is online.

New Listings
Image Source: Social Media Today

As seen above in the new chart from YouTube Studio analytics it shows when your YouTube audience is most active which can assist you in your planning.

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As Per Leung

Image Source: Social Media Today

YouTube also releasing the default settings to review inappropriate comments which will come out in the coming weeks. It’s upgraded video chapter option which splits the playback bar into parts on the basis of time stamps entered by you manually is also on the verge to be rolled out soon.

Image Source: Social Media Today

Users wh0 want to add video chapters to their clips on YouTube can do so by ensuring that :

Image Source: Social Media Today

Leung states that users can opt-out from the chapter bifurcation by making changes to the first timestamp in the description of their video to ” anything other than 0:00 “.

These options will help improve your strategy for Youtube and content presentation with changing value relying on your Youtube audience and the content you upload. And while it may not make a big impact by posting at the right time of the day considering the way people watch videos on the platform, it might be beneficial for live streams at times when people are looking to interact.

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