YouTube is enhancing the abilities of its Premieres feature with 4 new options to create hype for a video. Premieres allows creators, artists, and publishers to transform their latest video into a shared watching experience. Creators can use the Premieres feature to upload the latest videos at a scheduled time. This provides the publishers the way to create buzz and gather people to RSVP through the video’s watch page. Viewers can go to the watch page to set a reminder and get a notification when the premiere is about to start. They will join a group chat when they get to the channel on the scheduled premiere date to watch the video together.


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YouTube Premieres 4 New Features

Live Redirect

Live Redirect lets creators to set a multi-part show experience by connecting a live stream to an upcoming premiere. This goal is to assist creators to excite their community before the new content gets published. The creators have the option to host an interview, Q&A, or a pre-show. Live Redirects can only be created between videos from the same channel. This new feature will be out for channels starting this month.

Premiere Trailers

Premieres will have its own trailer from now on, which is an existing recorded hype video between 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. Trailers are displayed on the premiere watch page when a viewer gets on it before the video is scheduled to start. A static thumbnail will be shown on the watch page if there is no trailer. Ads are not able to run on a trailer unless it also exists as a standalone video on the creator’s channel. The trailers feature for Premieres will be out this week.

Countdown Themes

YouTube is providing more options to the channels when it comes to countdown shown right before a video premiere. As of now, there has been only one countdown theme, and users frequently used to raise concerns that the countdown theme is not enough and does not go along with the tone of the video. YouTube, therefore, designed 10 new countdown themes that offer various content moods and verticals. The length of countdowns can range from 1 minute to 10 minutes. These new countdown themes will be out in early 2021.

Countdown Themes
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Schedule Premieres On Mobile

YouTube for the first will let users schedule Premieres through the mobile app. Creators will be able to upload a video from their mobile device and schedule it as Premiere at the same time. Earlier creators could only schedule through the YouTube desktop site only.


Channels need to have at least 1000 subscribers to get access to Trailers and Live Redirect features. To know more about YouTube’s new features can see the video below.

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