YouTube is changing its privacy policy from today onwards and it might possible that affect ad revenue for some creators. The company has warned about this a month ago to the creators by sending an email notification.

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Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

According to the act, companies are not allowed to collect personal information from children below 13 years. Google is not an exception therefore, Google has to follow this as well but the rule is not in compliance so far.

Google’s non-compliance leads to the company under a fine from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in September 2019. Now, the company is planning to roll out some changes according to the guidelines of FTC.


Targeted ads will not be shown to the content who is designated for children. This is because targetted ads require data collection and as per the act collection of data from children below 13 years is illegal.

Youtube will publish only non-targeted ads on the content designated for children.

YouTube Says

Youtube Says On FTC
YouTube Says On FTC
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

Creators Override YouTube Decision

If by mistake YouTube identifies content as a kid content the creator can override the companies decision and the company will not contest until the creator is found out to be guilty or misleading the company.

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