YouTube has seen a huge rise in usage in 2020, due to the COVID-19 lockdowns forcing more people to find other entertainment sources alternative to their in-person social events. YouTube is, therefore, have seen a significant increase one the watch time as people are now watching YouTube over regular TV channels, YouTube claims that the watch time of YouTube videos on TV screens has increased 80% year over year.

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This benefits marketers as more people move towards YouTube, more businesses now can have TV-like promotions at a fraction of cost. YouTube recently has introduced some new elements to further help improve your YouTube ad campaigns which include new category targeting and data insights.

Firstly on targeting, to give marketers some new options on where they place their YouTube ads, YouTube is introducing dynamic lineups, which does the video segmentation on the basis of the content, with the help of the new machine learning system of YouTube can now better determine what the video is about.

Explanation By YouTube

“Advanced contextual targeting is the next generation of content targeting on YouTube. It uses Google’s machine learning to better understand each channel on YouTube, including analysis of video imagery, sound, speech and text. This allows us to create lineups that are scalable across content based on specific topics, cultural moments or popularity.”

This right here offers more targeting options.

“This means better access to customers with unique interests and needs-all with the brand suitability controls that are most important for your business.”

This could help you get your message display to a more responsive audience and as Google’s system transforms, that targeting will only enhance, allowing more focus, which therefore means spending less to reach out to the right audience. YouTube is also increasing its data partnership with Nielsen so as to help marketers in various regions to target the right audience. Youtube last year declared that the company had integrated Nielsen TV data into its Reach planner allowing marketers to have a wider view of the audience trends. YouTube will now add Nielsen’s Total Ad Ratings for the marketers in the UK, the US, and Italy.

YouTube Statement

“PepsiCo Beverages, turned to YouTube to drive scale and extend reach of Pepsi’s “Gift it Forward” Holiday campaign. The campaign did not disappoint – YouTube drove new brand buyers during the holiday season to the unique audience we wanted to reach.”

YouTube & Pepsi
Image Source: Social Media Today

Along with this Google is also adding new options for deals in Video & Display 360 campaigns as it also extends its same audience function to the same for more of the advanced marketers. These tools will indeed help improve your Youtube ad campaigns and target the right audience at a low cost.

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