Yesterday, Youtube has updated its Sports Platform. YouTube makes changes because of high sports content demand. Not only up-gradation of the platform, but YouTube has also increased its TV ads so that more brands with sports content can reach.


YouTube Gives Insights On New Verification Process For Creators

YouTube Explanation makes it easier for passionate fans to find new and personalized content, and stay up to date with the latest news all in one place. Simply click the Explore tab on mobile devices or enter the page from the left-hand guide on your computer.  This will be soon available on TV screens, too.

Importance of Updating Sports Platform

In 2020, the watch time of sports content over TV screens is increased by 65 % on Youtube. A 65% increase in watch time is making sense as people were at home and looking for some good entertainment options.

YouTube consumption was on high throughout the year. Sports might become one of the most important areas that boosted YouTube to updated its Sports platform to more user friendly and exciting.

Updated Sport Platform of YouTube
Image Credits: YouTube Official Blog

YouTube Words

On this new sports destination, fans will find a collection of recent game highlights, sports news and locally trending videos. It ensures that fans around the world can see their favorite videos from the NFL, LaLiga, MLB, NBA, and WWE through upcoming seasons, and an array of other leagues in one place. That means fans could catch up on the other weekend’s Bills vs. Chiefs AFC championship game and then relive the classic 1993 AFC Championship game.

Updating sports platforms is considered to be a genuine step in order to increase fan engagement over the platform. YouTube will try to present all sports videos at one destination so that users can stay on the platform for a longer duration.

YouTube has also enlarged its ad-option of TV screens under YouTube Select.

YouTube On Advertisements

Due to the high advertiser interest we saw in the U.S. for the CTV offering, we are expanding to new markets including Australia, Canada, India and Japan and more in 2021. This means an easier way to align CTV ads to the best YouTube sports content viewed on TV screens across both YouTube and YouTube TV apps.


As watch time over Tv screen is increased by 65%, as a result, it will be beneficial for the advertisers to perform Targeted ads options for better engagement and results. Apart from that, you will reach the right audience in a very short time span.

A dedicated section in YouTube select mix will attract more and more advertisers as they can have a new audience for their campaigns.

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