YouTube added support for HDR videos on its platform in 2016, letting creators upload videos offering high contrast, right shadows, and highlights, a range of colors, and enhanced image quality. The company declared today that it is now launching HDR support to the live-streamed videos as well. YouTube will be the first-ever platform to support live HDR streams with this.


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HDR was only offered to the selected YouTube channels when it was first launched but the support for live streaming in HDR will be available instantly to any YouTube creator who wants to give it a try. YouTube states to improve the experience with time, by letting users stream HDR from external encodes and mobile devices. The HDR support for the lice streams focuses on YouTube’s interest in better supporting the TV platform. YouTube amid the pandemic stated that its live streaming service YouTube TV got an uptick in viewing on the big screen.


Live-streamed video use increased during the early days of the pandemic, too. YouTube also notes that today, more than 100 million U.S. users watch YouTube and YouTube TV on their TV per month. YouTube by providing HDR live streams can set a better pitch to advertisers to move their dollars to its platforms shifting from the traditional pay-TV networks. The company is of the view that HDR support will be useful for a range of live streams, like gaming, live events, esports such as music and sports along with travel and nature streams. YouTube HDR support is available as of today.

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