YouTube has launched a new feature i.e profile cards that display all comments a user has left on a particular video.

Using the Profile Card

By clicking on the profile picture of a user who put a comment will bring up the profile card with a small summary of public information about that user.

Information in the new YouTube profile cards include:

  • Name
  • Profile photo
  • Subscriber count
  • Recent comments/replies
  • Channels subscribed to

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Beneficial To Creators

Creators don’t only know about the channels a user has subscribed but also creator can easily know what kind of content does the user likes.

Users can change their information from the setting menu which is going to be shared with the public through profile cards.


Profile card features will be rolling out in the coming day’s ad they are first available to theAndroid users. The company has future plans as well to launch this to other devices.

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