Good News! Now Youtubers will be able to change their account name without affecting their Google account. It is now possible for YouTube channels to change their channel name easily.

Content creators of YouTube can now change both their name and photo which won’t impact their Google account. The changes will happen to their YouTube account only.


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Process To Change YouTube Channel Name

Content Creators of YouTube can change both their personal and brand account names without changing their Google account names.

Creators can make these changes either from the YouTube studio or through the YouTube mobile app.

Change name through desktop:

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • Tap on customization and then click Basic Info
  • Press on Edit To make changes in your Channel Name.
  • Place your new description
  • Press Publish.

Interestingly, the help page of YouTube hasn’t been updated yet with the latest information. On the other hand, the help page shows that creator can change their channel three times in 90 days.

It is advised to the creators that they should think of this rule as well before changing the name.

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