YouTube Analytics is updating with a new report that will display creators how the viewers are finding their videos. The YouTube team explains how the introduction of this new report makes the data about traffic sources much clearer.


YouTube Gives Insights On New Verification Process For Creators

Users can find out the new report in the Analytics tab in the YouTube Studio. There is a new section called “How viewers found this video” in the Overview area.

How viewers found this video
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

As seen in the above picture, users can see how the lists the traffic source, the total number of viewers from each source and, the percentage of views generated by each traffic source.

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources that are included in the report are:

  • Notifications
  • Subscriptions feed
  • YouTube recommendations
    • YouTube Home
    • Up next
  • Channel pages
  • Other

There will be a grey arrow, green arrow, or a dash next to each traffic source. The green arrow that is pointing upwards shown in the report means that the traffic source is performing better than usual as per the channel’s historical data. A grey arrow that is pointing in the downward direction means that YouTube does not have the relevant historic data from that traffic source to ascertain whether the performance is down or up. When a video does very well with a specific traffic source it may get fewer views or impressions from others. This update is now available in YouTube Studio.

YouTube’s Another Update: YouTube Audio Library 

The YouTube team also announces that they are launching another feature that will certainly make the life of the creator easier. YouTube Studio will be having its own audio library, which consists of numerous sound effects and free songs that the creator can use to edit into their videos.

YouTube Audio Library
Image Source: Search Engine Journal

This therefore not only eases the process of using additional audio but also virtually making sure that the video will not get a copyright claim for using the licensed sounds. The update is also available in the YouTube Studio.

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