It’s almost every day that Facebook developers are creating something new and different at every stage. With a new ad format for advertisers and another group of features added recently, Facebook knows how to be on top of a marketing arena. Let’s explore what those features are.


  1. Photo Search: The new feature allows will allow the user to search for a brand or product through images. It is no surprise here that Snapchat and Twitter are also working on this image recognition platform.

  2. Private Profiles: Facebook believes that it will create a smaller circle of friends keeping an extra layer of privacy while keeping the users active. The same kind of feature is tested for Instagram.



  1. Chat with Businesses: The Facebook chat sidebar on the desktop will recommend the marketers to chat with other businesses depending on their recent activities. The similar kind of change is going to happen in Messenger as well. This will bring a great boost to business, making strong connections in return.


  1. Active Users: Facebook will also bring about some indications regarding the active users with green dots appearing next to their names. This will somehow encourage more conversation on the platform.



  1. Instant Video Option: The new ‘Instant Video’ option would allow the users to load their content more quickly.


This feature will particularly help those with a low internet connectivity. When it is a Wi-Fi connected area, Facebook will preload some videos and cache them to be seen later.

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