Facebook is coming up with some traditional marketing approach with the use of catalogues wherein earlier it introduced Lead Capture Forms to target business growth for the advertisers.


What are these Ad units like?

These ad units are called ‘lifestyle templates’ which will take the user from News Feed ad to some other display unit with an image of the featured products.

The View

It looks somewhat like a combination of Facebook’s Collections ad units and Instagram’s ‘Shopping Tags’.


What Facebook has to say about the new development?


Facebook’s Graham Mudd stated, “It’s fairly widely known that circulation and response rates for catalogues have been declining, but it’s still a really important channel for them, so they’re looking for a way to sort of bring that to the digital world, and specifically the mobile world.”


What are the added benefits?

This gives the advertisers chance to display their products in a new way and obviously it will leave an impression on their audience’s mind because of its appealing presentation.

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