Facebook is testing out its various features on different users across the world. Some of them include:

  1. Fundraisers Suggestion: Zuckerberg previously stated the importance of community and social initiatives and have now implemented the same by its fundraising option where the users can post personal fundraisers to create a kind of network to bring people together.

  1. A video speculation: Facebook has set down some rules for the advertisers to use video to its full extent. Previously, Facebook came up with its strict rule to ban static images as videos. The full details are available on the Facebook Business Page.
  2. Messenger update: Facebook will look into various factors like location, connection, history etc to process the account and will prepare a list of the account who want to meet up this week or not.
  3. Watch Tools: Facebook’s original video content platform ‘Watch’ is live for US users. It is coming up with ‘Watchlist’ sidebar notification to keep the Watch content on top.
  4. Canvas Ads: These ads work like a mini website, which gives a little different experience to users with cool slides enabling a heightened user experience. These ads are said to be the extensions of Instagram Stories ad.
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