With their newly launched ‘Sound Collection’ that includes free audio tracks, the users can now add now the music to their uploaded video to the platform. With their latest deal with Universal Music Group, Facebook will offer the music tracks provided by the Universal artists.


What Universal Music Group has to say on their collaboration?

“The partnership will facilitate deeper engagement between artists and fans, empowering users to express themselves through music, share the songs they love and build communities around music-fuelled culture. Enabling a variety of features across Facebook’s platforms, the agreement is intended to serve as a foundation for a strategic partnership roadmap that will deliver new music-based experiences online.”


How the music tool would work in all?

The music tool that is expected to appear in 2018 is going to add tracks by Adele, Kanye West, Taylor Swift and many more with no copyright obligations after this deal. After this deal, the artists might expect some veto power over the organizations that uses their music.


Facebook’s announcement over the latest development

“Going forward, the companies will experiment hand-in-hand to introduce new music-based products to Facebook’s platforms, including Messenger, with the goal of catalyzing innovation to develop the next generation of music products that best engage social consumers.”


The Speculation with Music & Social Media

Facebook can also incorporate music on their platform through various methods one of them being YouTube which is largely used for listening music tracks. Recently, YouTube has signed up music deals with both Universal and Sony depicting that these platforms are solely focussing on gaining their audience’s approval and encourage more of their engagement.


How will this help the creators?

The privilege of adding videos will give the publishers more edge in creating compelling video content that will give a better user experience in all. This will definitely maximize the use of Watch videos on the platform.

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