For the latest ‘Watch’ video option, Facebook is bringing a new list of music tracks that people can use freely in their videos without worrying about any copyright issue. This listing is called ‘Sound Collection’ that will include several audio tracks.


What did Facebook have to say to this?

“Sound Collection gives you access to thousands of high-quality audio tracks and sound effects from all over the world to spice up your videos. These sounds are owned by Facebook, and are free and clear to use in any videos you create and share on Facebook and Instagram.”

About the Audio Tracks

These are some generic-sounding background music that will set perfect with the video and will help the users in giving some extra innovation to their creation. It was also suggested that if all goes as expected, Facebook will bring some popular musicians, giving an interesting edge to the audio library.

More features by Facebook

Other than this, Facebook is introducing a new 360 community that will help the users in creating 360 videos for their platform. The creators will get the input from various resources that will help them in creating the video. This community would also help the creators in connecting with the fellow creators and gaining info on 360 cameras. Along with this, there are 360 Director for Pages and profiles.

The Future with Videos

Till date more than a million 360 videos have been published on the platform and with the rage of VR on its platform, they are bringing the feature to 360 as well. As Facebook keeps on saying that video is in the future of their platform, they are working to integrate VR with their video platform as well.

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