After introducing the disappearing messages for WhatsApp the last week, which erases automatically after 7 days, now Facebook has announced a new ‘Vanish Mode’ for Messenger, which will disappear your messages when you leave the chat.


Facebook Announces New Messenger Branding & Releases New Messaging Features

As you can see above, the Vanish Mode auto-erase your messages after you leave the chat, so you can share more in the moment and intimate content. This is not all-new, users could already auto-delete in Messenger’s secret conversations option by setting up a time limit for your messages. The difference here is that, with the Vanish Mode, you can swipe up on any of the chat to turn on the function, and swipe up again so as to turn it off. Facebook’s new messaging options, functionality is also coming to Instagram.

Vanish Mode
Image Source: Social Media Today

Vanish Mode

  • Only users that you are connected to can use the vanish mode with you in a chat.
  • You have the option to choose whether to enter vanish mode with someone.
  • You will get a notification if someone takes a screenshot of your chat while using the vanish mode.
  • You can block and report conversations if you feel insecure.


So, it is kind of like Snapchat messaging, with the quick toggle adding more function to use within your existing chats. This, therefore, seems like been done before, but then again simple swipe-up feature will make it popular, see more users using it for various updates as they go. You can imagine using this option in some contexts, like switching quickly to share a secret, then getting back to normal messaging. Vanish mode as of now is available on Messenger in the US and few other countries, and it is slowly rolling out to more places soon.

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