After the M Assistant coming to halt, Facebook’s latest move indicates the advent of video chat device which is rumoured to be a competition for Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo Show. After months revolving around the rumours of such a product, it might introduce its new product in coming months.
About the device

As per the insider’s information, the device is likely to be called as “Portal” that will cost $499 which costs $270 higher than the Echo Show. Facebook might reveal its device by May during the annual developer conference while by the end of this year this will start shipping the device as well. The device is suggested to have a display of 13 and 15 inches.


Features to look out For

While incorporating some smart-speaker functionality, Portal as a video chat device will help families and friends stay connected. And along with that, it will work on the basis of voice commands keeping the social networking platform on focus while working with facial recognition technology to help users sign up for their accounts.


About Facebook’s Building 8Lab

This is the secretive lab in Facebook’s campus from wherein the product will get launched and as per the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg the lab is “augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, connectivity, and other important areas”. It is also stated that “seemingly impossible products that define new categories that advance Facebook’s mission of connecting the world.”

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