Facebook is always full of new features and changes. To be at the top of its game, this social networking platform keeps on innovating something new then and now.

  1. The ‘Reaction’ tool

Facebook’s “Reaction” store is full of emoji and seems to be the favourite among many users. This is currently hidden in Facebook’s backend code which offers great variety of reactions with the introduction of themed reactions as well.


  1. Followers of Instagram: A new indicator is being tested which will display which profiles are following whom. This new feature can help brands in targeting their specific audience.


  1. Payment option in Messenger: With more streamlined payment options in tow, bots and real-time interaction could be encouraged with businesses on Messenger. Facebook has brought about two new features in Philippines since here the platform is seeing more growth than the others.



  1. Integration with WhatsApp: Facebook is coming up with more cross-app functionality like it did with Instagram. The same is going to happen for WhatsApp. This would somehow make the user to stay on a single platform.


  1. GIFs in Polling: This is the latest addition on the platform. This will no doubt bring more audience engagement over the News Feed Pages.


Previously Facebook brought about the use of Reactions during makeshift polls within Facebook live.

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