Jeffrey Jose, a Google Product Manager, declared at Google I/O that while the Google page experience update is at first going to be seeing over mobile pages, Google is hoping to carrying it to Desktop pages too.


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Jeffrey Jose declared yesterday in his Google I/O talk on Twitter. Here is the tweet:

Jeffrey Jose Words

I am happy to announce that we are bringing page experience ranking to desktop,” Jose said on the video. “While we’re launching page experience on mobile soon, we believe page experience is critical no matter the surface the user is browsing the web. This is why we’re working hard on bringing page experience ranking to desktop,” he added.

This isn’t coming in mid-June with the page experience update. Google said they will keep us updated on when the desktop version variant will be live so we can get ready for that update also. Jose said “as consistently we’ll give refreshed direction, documentation and tools.”

Google said, initially, it will be launch only for mobile pages and desktop pages would be consider in future.


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