A story has been published by The New York Times shared how Google has working & how it keep on working on algorithms aiming to protect sites that force people to rank well in search results. The Google predator algo focus to remove malicious sites from being displayed in search results from the name of people & going beyond that.


Unconfirmed Google Search Algorithm Update on June 11 & 12

Pandu Nayak from Google shared a Google blog where he mentioned: Improving Search to better protect people from harassment.

According to Google:

once someone has requested a removal from one site with predatory practices, we will automatically apply ranking protections to help prevent content from other similar low quality sites appearing in search results for people’s names.”

Google Added

already made improvements to our existing demotion signals, and then we’re also expanding protections to address issues that affect what we think of as ‘known victims.'” This aims to target queries and websites that are specific to people who have requested removals from sites with predatory practices. Google said it “will automatically apply ranking protections that seek to prevent content from similar low quality sites appearing for name searches.”

Google Further says:

This change was inspired by a similar approach we’ve taken with victims of non-consensual explicit content, commonly known as revenge porn. While no solution is perfect, our evaluations show that these changes meaningfully improve the quality of our results.”

Google is continuously working on updating & improving his algorithm to always try to not rank the exploitative content in search results.

Checkout the Sistrix visibility report shared by Lily Ray showing some sites of those types losing ranking from Months & Years.

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