With their sharing button still under testing, Instagram is now bringing another interesting feature for the users with their live sharing tool for video sharing under Direct Messages. This is just one-step ahead in posting comments in a much faster way.


How will this work?

When the creators are online, a direct icon (in shape of paper airplane) will appear on the screen that could be used by a user to send live video to his friend or follower. The video sent will appear in the messages but only when that video is going live. So, the user has to be on time to view the message otherwise he won’t be able to replace it.


More on the live sharing option

This live video sharing option is not only limited to the creator but the viewers can equally share it while watching. The direct icon will be present on the screen of viewer that will make him share the video as well. There is no disruption with the privacy settings and the followers get to see the videos in their messages. A live host can disable the option, shutting down the viewers from seeing the direct icon.


Creating an interesting platform for users

This new option will encourage more conversation among friends where they can talk over the live content or share the videos. The videos could be shared among group messages. This latest sharing option is available in Android and iOS. The users will now get to see a new pop up for writing comments by just looking at the image for few seconds. After the news of Direct Message split, this would be another interesting feature to look for.

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