Facebook wants to transform the simple chat platform of Messenger into some business companion for the advertisers and has brought about interesting features of Peer-to-Peer payment and others on its platform to make it so. With its newly launched Messenger Platform 2.2, it will be creating an opportunity for brand awareness and marketing.


What is the latest addition?

  1. Customer Chat: Creating a route for the business to connect to their website, this chat plugin will help in encouraging more leads. Chat option will be integrated on their website to have a continuous thread of conversation maintained on their site.



This was the most demanding feature that Facebook has come up with adding a new level to the Messenger. Previously, brands used Messenger as an additional channel but with the advent of this feature, it will be an extension of their businesses. Home Page ads were used to promote more discovery. This will enable in answering any mobile query made on the spot by the user.

Facebook said In addition to extending the conversation across multiple surfaces, the customer chat plugin supports current platform capabilities, such as payments, NLP, rich media and more. To ensure the Messenger web experience is as feature-rich as the Messenger app, we will continue to add new capabilities as the Platform expands.”

The payment options are also taking a modification with Peer-To-Peer payment. The new chat option has been integrated with Air France, Argos, Bodeaz, KLM, Mermaid Pillow, Volaris and Zalando.


  1. Media CTA’s: A fresh Media Template is about to release that will allow the businesses to attach CTA buttons to images, videos or GIF. This method is bound to bring in heavy sales and view by potential customers.

Check out some Messenger Updates

  • Broadcast API: This has been released by Facebook in beta where the businesses will be able to send messages to multiple subscribers in a single API request.
  • Page-Level Feedback: Businesses can view the feedback of customers about their Messenger experience. They said “Built-in NLP is now available in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Vietnamese. The default NLP model is able to detect the following entities in all supported languages: date & time, location, amount of money, phone number and email.” Along with this, their new Handover Protocol that updated their Page Insights API and message tags is also rolled out.
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