Now to ease out its in-app payment option, Facebook has announced its collaboration with PayPal that will enable the users in conducting peer-to-peer payments in Messenger.

The Similar Developments

Facebook has previously introduced an improved payment process in its chat app. And recently, it added two new payment options for users in the Philippines.

The WeChat Inspiration

Facebook has decided to follow the Asian chat apps like WeChat which incorporates talking, banking as well as shopping on its platform. All this have encouraged Facebook to undergo the same for Messenger.

The Speedy Competition

The US E-commerce platform, Amazon is striving for messaging space like Facebook. Even Pinterest is thinking about some commerce on its platform.

The benefits on the way

This partnership with PayPal will garner back-end payments in full force making it easy for the users. Even Facebook added eBay ‘Daily Deals’ to their listings. Even they brought about this shopping and payment experience in Instagram by integrating with Shopify.

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