Shorts Will Be The Lead Development Chance In 2021: YouTube

Are you looking to increase your YouTube engagements in 2021? Then YouTube shorts will be worth it. Users can upload short video clips as well along with their regular content on the platform.


YouTube Announces New ‘Clips’ Feature For Live Streams

Susan Wojcicki Statement (YouTube CEO)

More people are creating content on their phones, which is why we’re investing to give creators more video editing tools. We’re now beta testing YouTube Shorts in India and we’re excited to help the next generation of mobile creators tell their stories by lowering the barriers to entry. So far, videos in our new Shorts player – which helps people around the world watch short videos on YouTube – are receiving an impressive 3.5 billion daily views! We’re looking forward to expanding Shorts to more markets this year.

The CEO marked the importance of Short Video Clips and how the company will work on the “Shorts” feature to make it more engaging and helpful to the users.

YouTube Shorts

On September 14, 2020, YouTube introduces its new short video clips feature as “Shorts”. YouTube copied the TikTok functions and currently has 3.5 billion views on a daily basis. YouTube added this feature to its platform in order to use the opportunity after the TikTok ban in June. Now almost after a year, the company is giving more focus to its Shorts feature and making it more useful and engaging.

YouTube Shorts
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Basic Features Of YouTube Shorts

Video Type  Short Video Clips

Time Duration 60 Seconds

Appearance  Home Feed of YouTube App

Hashtags Indian Users Can’t Use Hashtags

Dedicated Tool  Indian Users Have Dedicated Camera Tool Access


YouTube shorts is a direct competition with TikTok. It is also another content creation step that you can use. Like any other short video clip format, YouTube Shorts will also gain some users in the coming year as the company has more focus on it. Therefore, it could become an essential part of your digital marketing strategy.

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