A small but a significant testing is now about to be rolled out which could have implications of substantial size for social media marketers after their feature of adding content to Story for more than 24 hours. In this testing, as commented by Pippa Akram that Instagram will allow users to follow hashtags along with profiles.

Why is such a development taking place?

Following hashtags would be helpful as sometimes the user might be interested in specific topics and their related posts which when followed will get added to their home feed and will be easily tracked. Such kind of features is also provided by Twitter in its Moments that include a Follow button that allows users to follow any update to that particular tweet. But, Instagram’s feature is a little different that will help marketers is unveiling new and important content with no need to search for specific tags.


The Importance of hashtags

Hashtags have provided an easy means to create higher reach among users but as more users joined the platform the use of hashtags has become more crowded, making it difficult to depict their brand awareness. This problem has brought about the use of niche tags that can target relative audience or create dedicated tags for users.


How will the hashtags help advertisers?

When these specific tags will be given to the users, it will help the advertisers in encouraging the customers to follow their brand more closely. Along with this, it will help them in developing a community and enhance social engagement which has been previously initiated with the introduction of polls. This will improve the brand messaging as well as the advertisers could see what their competitors are posting.


More features to look out for

Along with this new test, Instagram is adding city colour filters for the Stories that will make them more attractive to look at and one of the fresh features that are not to find in Snapchat.

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