WhatsApp takes another step towards enhancing its eCommerce potential with the introduction of a new shopping button in the business chats to streamline transactions and purchases.


WhatsApp Will Come Up With Many New Features This Week

Explanation By WhatsApp

Now you can easily discover something you’d like to buy from your favorite business by tapping on the new shopping button at the top of chats.

The new WhatsApp shopping button takes users to a product listing in-app, similar to that on Instagram and Facebook, where you can choose products and click through to make a purchase. It seems to be a small addition, but this may have a huge impact, as WhatsApp working to build up its marks in India. WhatsApp, therefore, is the most used messaging app in India and is a major platform for keeping millions of users to stay connected. WhatsApp recently rolled out the payments feature for the users in India, following up on the addition of funds transfer within the app.


The idea behind is that by allowing people to transfer money within the app, it will be easier for the users to make the purchases – if they already using the payments feature, paying for products is a common extension, and this might make WhatsApp a key eCommerce provider in the region. Considering this a new dedicated shop tab seems important and it will further help ease the shopping experience in the app. This could provide significant opportunities for businesses within the app and major additions like this will help overall evolve the app into a much broader connective tool.

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