How To Improve A B2B Website Conversion Rates

How To Improve A B2B Website's Conversion Rates

Conversions. We’re all chasing them, trying to find the best way to engage with them and turn them into successful sales. For the majority of B2B companies, their website is one of their primary lead-generation tools, working closely with other marketing strategies to drive conversions. Without a site optimized for getting the maximum amount of …

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Design And Development Of Oracle Database System

Design And Development Of Oracle Database System

The optimal performance of the Oracle database starts with the design, and this continues for the whole life of the database system. Businesses should meticulously consider performance issues in the initial design phase so that the system can be effectively tuned easily during the production stage. An Overview Of The Methodology Of Oracle  The performance …

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Five Brand Strategy Tips For New Businesses

Five Branding Strategy Tips For New Businesses

Branding is a critical element for every business, regardless of its size or type. Whether you are a small B2C company or an industry giant, a strong brand strategy is the foundation of your business. In layman’s terms, a brand strategy helps a company make a promise to their clients. It gives the customers a …

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7 Easy Customer Engagement Strategies For Businesses

7 Easy Customer Engagement Strategies to Expand Business Growth

Who is the biggest asset in your business? Well, it is your engaged customers. Research has indicated that those companies that have the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategy are likely to retain about 89% of its customers as against those businesses that have weak customer engagement strategies.  Almost two-thirds of a company’s profit depends on …

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Reliable Ways To Measure Brand Equity

Reliable Ways to Measure Brand Equity

A popular term in the marketing industry is brand equity. It defines the depth of the brand name and indicates the customer perception’s value of your organization. It denotes the market capitalization of an organization that is not defined by liabilities, assets, intellectual property, or revenues. In short, Brand Equity = Total Market Value Of …

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Common Advertising Mistakes To Avoid In SaaS Marketing


Advertising a brand can be a tricky task, no matter what your business is. Some would say that advertising is a science that requires full-time attention, while some would consider it as an art form that integrates a bit of technical know-how, with, and luck in order to be effective. Yet, regardless of your advertising …

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Technians Bags Digital Agency of The Year Award 2019


It is a proud moment for the Technians family as we receive the “Digital Agency of the Year 2019” Award by Mandira Bedi & Rannvijay Singh. On Sep 29th, 2019, this honor was bestowed upon us by Indian brands of the Year Jury in association with APS Media & Research. The foremost priority of our …

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Technians wins BAM Award 2018

BAM Awards 2018

  Received BAM (Branding, Advertising and Marketing) award 2018 in the category of “Most Promising Digital Marketing Agency” for planning, conceptualizing and developing creative digital marketing campaigns. Our Success Mantra It is the matter of extreme pleasure for Technians family to receive this esteemed award from Mr Annurag Batra, chairman of BW Businessworld- the 36 …

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7 Steps to attain Digital Transformation for an Accelerating Impact on Business

digital transformation

The businesses today are all inside a digital sphere that has changed their proficiency, competency, models of activities all over the world. More of a buzzword in today’s corporate world, digital transformation has influenced various facets of the organization. It has resulted in improving management decisions and inculcating development in the business efficacies. Though the …

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How to Measure ROI of your Marketing Campaign

what is ROI

ROI stands for return on investment or return on marketing investment. It is also called MROI or ROMI sometimes, both ‘M’s standing for ‘marketing’. It refers to the profit you make from your marketing investment. A high ROI implies good marketing investment where the money invested proved to have been well spent. A low ROI …

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