6 Tips & Tactics for Getting More Leads From Your BOFU Landing Page

A significant part of the buyer’s journey is the consideration stage. They’ve identified the problem (probably have read every informative and educational piece of content on your site) and they’re interested in learning more, but will your bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) landing page make them convert? You probably already know that your BOFU landing page needs to …

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Local SEO: How to Optimize Landing Pages for Your Service Area

Landing pages are one of the key points in any digital marketing strategy. You need them for everything – they generate conversions, get more contacts into your database, and help you understand what content your audience is willing to trade their personal information for. They’re a big deal. But what if your business is geographically …

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7 Secrets of Clickable Calls-to-Action

call to action tips

Creating content is one thing and creating compelling content is another and when it comes to marketing content, it should be good, really good, so as to increase your sales and fulfilling your marketing goals and to stand you apart from the crowd of your competitors. Without a slightest degree of uncertainty, your Call-to-action plays …

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6 Amazing Landing Page Impovement Hacks

Landing Page Impovement Hacks

At first we should understand what a landing page is and what is not. A landing page is on which we might land and that typically contains a form and be presents exclusively to arrest audience’s info through that form. Many people confuse a web page with a landing page but this isn’t the case. …

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