14 Best Lead Generation Strategies To Target Right People

14 Successful Lead Generation Strategies To Target The Right People

Are you a marketer looking out to increase lead generation? Do you see lead generation as an extremely important step for your business growth? Well, what is your point in lead generation for your business? Think for a while before you read this article. An increase in leads means that the brand is increasing its awareness …

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The Ultimate Guide For Quora Advertising


Are you an advertiser looking out for an affordable marketplace with a large cooperative audience? Then a platform like Quora would be an ideal one for you and it is an effective one for marketing. Quora is a well-known and leading community platform where people visit daily to ask questions and read answers they look …

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7 Best Practices to Generate Leads Through Email Marketing

email marketing practices for lead generation

  Email marketing is the essence of any business strategy. In business era, emails are considered as an authentic medium of communication between the brand and customers; where an ideal marketer believes to create well-planned email marketing strategy to generate leads for businesses. Those who are new to this concept can even learn email marketing …

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10 Minute Guide for Facebook Lead Ads (Facebook Lead Generation Ads)

facebook lead ads

Lead generation is one of the important terms you will hear a lot in Digital Marketing. It refers to the act of initiation of contact with a potential customer, to get their attention. But if you want to catch the attention of as many people as possible with a lead generation ad, you need to optimise …

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10 Creative LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Business

Using LinkedIn for business is quite common now so if you want your business to flourish, it is good to keep some LinkedIn advertising tips handy. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy must be functional and personalized and here is how to make it that way. The evolution of LinkedIn LinkedIn started as a small networking site …

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Top 10 B2B Lead Generation Ideas

The world has shown a fast progress in the last decade and the impact of the same has been felt in Digital Marketing as well. For companies looking for lead generation in B2B, the advent of digital marketing has made things easier and cost effective. However lead generation can be a demoralizing process especially if …

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How to Win More Leads Using Smarter Customer Feedback

Let’s take a quick poll! (hey, this is a post about surveys, after all.) How many of you actively collect quantifiable and qualitative data from your customers? If you do, you’re on the right track and major props to you…but what do you do with it? Your customer data is vital to successful lead generation. …

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Why You Should Use Webinars to Generate Leads (& Who’s Doing it Right)

Smart companies have been generating leads with webinars for a long time, but there are still many who don’t believe the hype. If your brand is on the fence about using webinars as a tool for generating leads, don’t be. Webinars are a great way to break down the cold cyber barrier and connect with …

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6 Tips & Tactics for Getting More Leads From Your BOFU Landing Page

A significant part of the buyer’s journey is the consideration stage. They’ve identified the problem (probably have read every informative and educational piece of content on your site) and they’re interested in learning more, but will your bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) landing page make them convert? You probably already know that your BOFU landing page needs to …

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