14 Best Lead Generation Strategies To Target Right People

Are you a marketer looking out to increase lead generation? Do you see lead generation as an extremely important step for your business growth? Well, what is your point in lead generation for your business? Think for a while before you read this article. An increase in leads means that the brand is increasing its awareness along with the product and services offered to your customers interest them. This would nurture through the marketing funnel and flow into the sales pipeline. If well-planned and implemented, lead generation strategies would create a long-lasting relationship with good customers. 

So, don’t you think that you need to have proper lead generation strategies in your business so that you would see your business in a good position?

That said, what is a lead generation strategy? Well, it includes various tactics that attract interested people and then convert them to leads. Now, what is a lead? A lead is a person who shows interest in your brand by seeing from various sources and acts on it. Leads share their contact details and indicate that they wish to connect with your business. This person has been engaged in your business website and has permitted you to connect with them. So, these people are inside your sales funnel. Lead generation is just a process to fill up your sales funnel with people who show interest in your business. 

B2B lead generations strategies and B2C strategies contains four main components:

  • Lead Capture – This denotes the method to gather information from a lead. Various information on lead includes name, contact information, and related qualifying details about their organization. 
  • Lead Magnets – This is an incentive that energizes people to become a lead.
  • Lead Qualification – This is a process that makes use of the lead’s information to find out their possibility to purchase.
  • Lead Segmentation – This denotes the process to segment leads based on their information and activities.

Let us discuss the various lead generation strategies that support each of these components. 

1. Develop Gated Content

This is an effective lead generation strategy that helps you out to capture more leads. Gated content is an online material that any user can access once they fill a form. It is distinct from the normal blog posts or landing pages and the gated content is locked. Audiences must fill the lead capture form to access the content. This is a successful lead generation strategy as it provides the audience with good content and attracts high-quality leads who are interested in topics related to your brand. Gated content includes the following:

  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Online tools
  • Worksheets
  • Courses
  • Guides
  • Reports

2. Create A Must Read Newsletter

One of the best b2b lead generation strategies is to create a must-read newsletter. Develop a value-packed weekly or monthly newsletter. This would encourage people who are interested to connect with you and to stay in touch with your brand. This would allow you to stay on top with the customers and share your product and service promotion with them.

Create A Must-Read Newsletter Lead Generation Strategies
Source: e27

This will drive the prospects to further down the purchase funnel. Various content for your newsletter could be the following:

  • New blog posts
  • Products or services update
  • Special offers
  • Upcoming events
  • Recommended reading

3. Provide A Clear Landing Page

Have a landing page that is best and easily converts. Landing pages should be informative as it should not be in such a way that the users should process a lot of information. There should not be more information overload on the landing pages. Your landing page should be optimized in such a way that each element contributes to conversions.

Provide A Clear Landing Page For Lead Generation Strategies
Source: Unbounce

The following are the landing pages to improve your conversions:

  • Project a clear offer
  • Have a simple landing page
  • Have a contrasting color and make your landing page look attractive
  • On your landing page, the important part should be on the top of the page
  • Make use of the scarcity techniques, like ‘Less time’, ‘Limited Quantity’, etc. Having scarcity would force the landing page visitors to act on it now thinking that they would miss it
  • Keep a simple and straight forward call to action
  • Include contact information
  • Make use of unique and attractive headlines
  • Make sure you are consistent
  • Include testimonials and this would help to convert unsure users
  • Make use of forms of various length
  • Ensure that your landing page is optimized for SEO
  • Include an exit popup
  • Include A/B testing. The more you test, the more accurate your data would be

4. Event Hosting

Lead generation strategies can take place both offline and online. One of the best B2B lead generation strategies is to host an in-person or an online event. This will interest and assist in your buyer persona. You can also capture the lead’s contact information through the event registration.

Event Hosting Lead Generation Strategies
Source: Square 1 Group

Also, make use of live events like chances to connect with customers in the real scenario so that you can answer questions, understand your audience, respond to the objectives, and aggressively guide people through the sales funnel. The various methods to host an event can be the following:

  • Workshop
  • Webinar
  • Meetup
  • Conference
  • Seminar

5. Provide A Discount Or A Coupon

People who are interested in your products and services, you can convert them by providing a coupon or a discount as your lead magnets. This would interest them for long and short-term leads. You have attracted some people to buy from your brand in the long term. In the short term, you will be able to convert the lead to a buyer as coupons would adhere to the bottom of the sales funnel who are prepared to purchase.

Provide A Discount Or A Coupon
Source: The Indian Wire

6. Provide A Free Trial For Your Product Or Service

Capture the interested leads and provide them with a free trial and products. This would attract potential customers who are not yet convinced to purchase. This would also allow your brand to convert free users to paying customers by providing paid features and giving email campaigns that would promote various benefits of upgraded accounts.

7. Make Use Of A Live Chat On Your Platform

This is one of the best lead generation strategies that you can make use of to get more leads. Live chat would promote many visitors to ask as many questions about your products or services while they browse through your website. This can be a successful lead generation strategy by taking the user’s contact details to submit a question or by making use of some lead magnet like a demo.

Make Use Of A Live Chat On Your Platform
Source: WebLITE

In a normal scenario, whenever customers have some clarifications or questions, they wish to get faster answers. Having live chat on your website allows you to provide immediate responses while also taking care to collect valuable data that can be used for your lead nurturing campaigns.

8. Website Optimization To Encourage Your Lead Magnet

To get more leads, ensure that your website visitors would be able to find through the lead magnet and most probably vibrate with their requirements and interests. You can achieve this by promoting lead magnets around the site to get better reachability. You can go in for the following:

  • Project it as the main home page call to action
  • Promote applicable lead magnets at the end of the web pages and blog posts
  • Make use of a lead generation pop-up
  • Create a resource library that is filled with gated content
  • Include a lead generation hello bar that is placed at the top or bottom of your platform
  • In the sidebar, promote your lead magnet.

9. Promote Your Lead Magnet By Optimizing Your Social Profiles

When there is a valuable lead magnet, ensure that your social followers are aware of it. Project it on your social profiles so that users would see the offer when they connect with you and would be looking forward to working with you.

Promote Your Lead Magnet By Optimizing Your Social Profiles
Source: Electric Enjin

For better visibility, promote your lead magnet in the way of a hero image placed on your profile pages. Also, place links on your call-to-action button to your lead magnet instead to drive more users to your homepage.

10. Pay On Social Media Platforms To Promote Lead Magnets

This is one of the best lead generation strategies that you could incorporate to generate more leads for your business. Make use of paid social media ads as one of your strategies. Influence on Instagram and Facebook targeting options to display ads to the people who are mostly interested in your products and services. Having paid social ads and targeting is one powerful method. You can target people at macro or micro levels and allow you to connect with a specific audience.

11. Focus On The Top-Of-Funnel Keywords

To get more and more interested customers and drive them to your lead magnets, you need to create a proper plan to target the exact terms they search for. Perform thorough keyword research to find out the keywords that the ideal customers look out for who are at the top of the purchase funnel. Accordingly, focus more on those keywords in many ways as shown below:

  • Create an evergreen content that is optimized for the focus terms
  • Create an on-site blog strategy across the focus keywords
  • Target the chosen terms in the pay-per-click marketing
  • Go in to create a guest blog on websites that gives a high share of voice for the focus terms
Focus On The Top Of Funnel keywords For Lead Generation Strategies
Source: Disruptive Advertising

Check that you follow the SEO best practices that increase your chance to display on the first page. When you are more visible in search, you will generate more website traffic from potential leads.

12. Connect With People Wh Have Engaged With Your Brand

One of the best lead generation strategies that stand out from the rest is to connect with people who have already engaged with your brand. If the prospects are not willing to convert at your brand’s first interaction, you don’t lose the chance. Retarget and reconnect with audiences who have already engaged with your brand but not taken the next step. Retargeting would allow you to display ads using Google display or social ads, to people who have engaged with your brand’s social page or website. Most of the customers would prefer to connect a few times before converting. Hence, retargeting would be a strategic method to guide customers continuously and push them down the purchase funnel.

13. Generate A Referral Rewards System

One of the successful lead generation strategies that puts your customers to work for you is the referral reward system. As an ideal method, you can create a referral rewards system where your customer would bring leads to your discussion for benefits. Customers would value and trust their friend’s recommendations. Hence, encouraging current customers to spread your brand’s details to their friends is a powerful method to fill in your lead funnel.

Generate A Referral Rewards System
Source: RecruitingBlogs

14. Always Be Testing In The Right Way

Also the best lead generation strategies are to keep testing your brand and to get good advice. Getting great advice is a good thing for your brand. Also, you need to be aware that one that has worked well for others might not work well for you. You need not ignore the great advice, but you need to test and do it right that is feasible for your brand. You need to be aware that A/B testing’s best practice would help you to go higher and increase your conversions.

When you want to provide the users with an attractive and satisfying online experience, good A/B tests are a more effective treatment. Create and design multivariate tests that would help you to provide good results. Sometimes, the result that comes out from the audience would not be as expected and hence regular testing is very important for your business success.


These lead generation strategies would attract many audiences to convert. This would ensure that you have enough customers who will be involved in your business growth.

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