A complete guide to Increase Website Traffic


“More traffic on website” is a general and genuine reason for headache of a website owner. Well you can read or get the words of experts for the better solution through a plethora of process or tacts.

From banner advertising to Search Engine Optimization Service, social media advertising to email and SMS campaigns, you have a plethora of platforms to advertise your product! However, the below steps are essential:

  • Define your goals
  • Understand your objectives
  • Lay down your budget
  • Open up yourself to the various strategies and ways, and learn about them in detail. Plan your advertising strategy.
  • Select the one which best suits your objective and needs and your budget.
  • Finalize “best one” and go all out with it.
  • Monitor

In this context, you will see several methods. Some of them work for you while some of them cannot drive appropriate result for you. Well, there is no magic stick to increase website traffic which will work instantly, you just need to conduct several methods in perfect mode and with well-made strategy, and you will definitely get the desired result.

Challenges or huddles that come in to the way while choosing the best way for collecting traffic on the website may be categories as:

  1. Which strategy will work.
  2. How much time it will take to prompt the satisfied result.
  3. How much cost you have to pay. Well some are free whereas some are costly.
  4. Which kind of content material you should use.
  5. Other dependencies like whether you need a graphic designer, Ads Manager, or so on.
  6. What kind of traffic you want on your website organic or non-organic.

Here, almost all methods are described which will boost your traffic:


Once you have created a perfect website, thereafter you need a better way to advertise it so that people may come to know about you. There are oodles of ideal modes through which you can advertise yourself.

Social Media Platform

Social media platforms are gaining tremendous popularity and these cater the most effective mode to attract potential customers. You must stretch your online outreach to social media platform in order to attract perspective customers towards you.

Push yourself and talk to people. Marketing on social media channels is not only about creating and putting content, be proactive in your approach. Be aggressive and when it comes to social media platforms, opt for the one which matches your needs appropriately.

Best Time to Share Twitter Tweet and Facebook Brand Promoters via Post are legendary when it comes to engaging and talking about your product and increasing its popularity. Attractive hashtags and eye-catching imagery work best to match up your ideas. With hundreds of ways to select your target audience, you can schedule your advertising campaigns as per your wish.

If you want to talk through your product and focus on branding, then photo sharing websites like Instagram and Pinterest are a big league in the field. If you are in the B2C product arena, then these mediums are highly effective.

When it comes to serious business and a very professional approach to advertising, Linked in works best. Talk and communicate directly with CEO’s, marketing professionals, product designers, management consultants and build a rapport with them. Linked in gives you several options as well to choose your most suited list of people and target them for your business purposes.

If you are still keeping out this strategy, then you are probably missing oodles of marketing opportunities. Key advantages of social media platform:

  1. It lets you interact with your customers
  2. It circulates the process of providing and getting the feedback.
  3. It lets you use more targeting options rather than only keywords and locations.


  • Facebook Ads


The most famous and most used social media platform is Facebook and this is the place where you can acquire a large volume of traffic with better brand awareness and engagement.

Ad procedure of Facebook lets you connect your business or organization with the audiences or the people who are most interested or likely to be interested in your products as well as services.

On this platform, an advertiser easily defines their target audiences to whom they want to reach based on certain factors as you can see the various target options in below fig.



Target options on Facebook:

  • Locations
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Detailed targeting under which you can include or exclude a certain specified group based on demographic (ethnic affinity, relationship, work, parents, life events, education, etc.), interest (business, family, entertainment, hobbies, technology, sports, etc) or behavior (B2B, automotive, financial, travel, seasonal, consumer classification, mobile device user, many more).
  • You can create custom audience
  • Connections
  • You can also target those people who visited your webpage, people included in your customer database, SMS list, email list, or any other customer database of your organization.


How to start or run a Facebook ad


  • Choose a business goal.
  • Identify targets.
  • Create ads which will be shown on Facebook, Instagram, other websites, and mobile apps through advertising products.
  • Facebook will show ads to audiences.


Points that will Influence The Facebook Ads


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Moderate
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Inorganic Or Paid
6Dependency Graphic Designer


  • Twitter Ads


Reach to prospective audiences through the Twitter Ads is an effective mode.



Twitter caters almost same options like Facebook for user targeting:


  • People who have visited any page of your website
  • People included in your email list
  • People added in your customer database
  • People included in your SMS list or any other database.


How to create Twitter Ad:


  • Choose your target audience.
  • Tweet more and more and get discovered by large volumes.
  • Set a budget and pay only when you are followed by others or after retweet. Additionally, there is no minimum investment and you can stop anytime.


Twitter Cards


Twitter cards enable you to link rich photo, media and video experiences to tweet. A few lines of markup code on your webpage will add a “Card” to the tweets of users who tweet links to your content which will enable their followers to view your profile.


You can drive traffic and engagement through Tweets using various Card types and each card would have a customized experience which is specially built for Twitter users.

  • Player card: provide audio, video or any other media.
  • Summary card: description, title, and thumbnails.
  • Summary Card with large Image: It is just like Summary card but with an additional prominent featured image.
  • App card: A card that will direct to download of mobile app.



Points that will Influence The Twitter Ads


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range High
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Inorganic Or Paid
6Dependency ·         Graphic Designer,

·         Ads Manager


  • LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn is especially for B2B and caters a powerful platform for business ads. You have several options or criteria to select your target here by:


  • Location
  • Specific targeting such as: Company Name, Company Size, Job Title, Degrees, Field of Study, Member Gender, member Age, etc.
  • You can also reach out to new audiences based on your target.

Ads will definitely help you to collect a huge number of target audiences apart from building a strong background with plethora of organic fans and followers.



Points that will Influence The LinkedIn Ads


1Efforts to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range High
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Inorganic Or Paid
6Dependency ·         Graphic Designer,

·         Ads Manager


  • Facebook Groups

Facebook group post can drive more organic reach rather than a Facebook Page post and this will cater you the best approach to reach your targeted audiences with many more like:

  • You can create secret groups.
  • Easily share files with other group members.
  • Tag group members for discussion.
  • Using a third party tool such as Gyratics and proceed with analytics on activities of group.


Points that will Influence The Facebook Groups


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic or Earned


  • LinkedIn Groups

With a membership, you can send emails of your members if they have an active email notification from the group. It means you have a huge mailing list if you are a member of a group.


You can build several kinds of communities using either Facebook or LinkedIn:

  • Local communities: This is for customer acquisition and your ideal customer would join it.
  • Interest-based communities: Also, works for ideal customers.
  • Interest-Based Local communities: It is also for especially ideal customers.
  • User Support Communities: This would attract your current customers.
  • Private Communities: This is for event attendees and works for customer acquisition and retention.
  • Beta Testing Communities: It will drive VIP or early adopters towards your business.

Points that will Influence The LinkedIn Groups


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Pinterest

Since people are highly attracted towards images and data so that it can be processed quickly through image or pictures. That’s why Pinterest will profoundly prompt the better result for user engagement. Pinterest uses the beautiful and shareable pictures as a base to drive more traffic on your website.


How you can use it to drive traffic:


  • At first verify your Pinterest profile and it would increase the trust element.
  • It acts as a visual search engine for a product and it links one item to other based on the process they have been searched or pinned.
  • Must redirect source of a pinned item back to your site and it will automatically direct the users to your website when they clicked the pinned item.



  • Build a strong following on Pinterest and it will build a strong relationship with the people who share related and similar passion or interest.
  • You should create vertical images of high quality that supports any devices. Always remember that mobile users are of higher number on Pinterest that’s why you should give special attention to your mobile users without neglecting any desktop users.
  • Be regular on Pinterest, almost daily and share good quality of images and other media.
  • Use pin it buttons to collect more pins from your site. It is critical for mobile devices as there is no option for hovering.



  • Promoted Pins


It is an advertising platform of Pinterest and currently it is only available to US business. Users have to go through a process of approval before using it.



For every pin, advertisers get charged whereas there is no cost for repins.


Points that will Influence Pinterest Profile


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Graphic Designer,




Important Note: For branding, you should use some tactics that will enhance your strategy and they are:

  1. Use common or single username on all social media platforms.
  2. Similarly, use common user profile photo on all platforms.
  3. Use of common cover photos.
  4. Use Common description to convey clear and consistent message to the audiences.
  5. Include link of your website to all social medias
  6. Update regularly on social medias almost one update daily or few updates in a week.


  • StumbleUpon


It is a social network based on content rather than a social bookmarking community. It fills the gap between the users who want quality content and the bloggers who want more readers. It follows the strategy for ranking the pages according to quality that means the best pages get the ranking first.


One can also get traffic from directory pages such as channels, category, profile, etc. In fact optimization of page also drives traffic. You just have to carefully post your content and have to follow some instructions:


  • Post in right category because popular category would be followed by lots of people. You can also view the insights of the category to know about the followers.
  • Ask other Stumblr to share your content and it will enhance your outreach.
  • Use StumbleUpon button on your pages so that users can easily share your content.
  • Use shorten URL. Using link shrink will enable the Like and Unlike button in StumbleUpon. This will help other users to add your page to their list and also share the same with their friends with just a single click.


Short URL can also be shared on Twitter which will help Stumblr to increase views on your Twitter account. The best thing is that it is temporary and lasts for a few minutes.


  • Increase your number of followers. It helps you to widen your audience reach by interest but the higher pages are ranked on top. It also conveys the suggestion through mail.
  • Use effective tags
  • Use StumbleUpon Widget which will help you to reach audiences out of your network. The widget helps you to showcase the latest as well as popular submission.
  • Additionally, Plugins will help you to get more sharing and followers. You just have to use it properly.
  • StumbleUpon advertising offers you a cheap package for traffic. You can get high traffic on paying of only $0.10 per target.


 Points that will Influence StumbleUpon


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


Organic Traffic from social media

Such traffic that comes to a website because of unpaid search result is called organic traffic and organic reach is the number of unique people who have seen your post via unpaid distribution. High organic reach is a dream that every brand treasures when they are aiming for social media recognition across various social media platforms.

There has been a decline on the organic reach on social media platforms. The organic reach for Facebook was only 52 percent for the year 2016. This is a clear idea as to how competition and algorithm are changing in the way people use media. So you should know how to handle with the decline in organic traffic on social media.

Let us guide you on ‘How to increase organic traffic through most popular social media platforms’:


  • Facebook

Through a specific and targeted strategy, you will surely tackle the Facebook’s algorithm changes:


  1. Evergreen content

Facebook is the most popular social media around us. So, whenever you are posting anything on Facebook, make sure you create some evergreen content that would remain relevant to your users for a long period of time. The more people you can engage with your post and content over the time, the longer you can expect the lifespan of your post to be.


  1. Take care of quality not quantity.

Experts say that there are lots of contents that are available but people will engage with the right content.  You need not post on a daily basis, instead you need to post quality content. The number of post is not equivalent to number of followers. There is no rule as to how many posts a day is good but studies suggest that two posts a day is good for businesses which are on Facebook. But you must figure it out yourself depending on your target audience. You can try mixing your post with images, videos and text to attract your audience.


  1. Facebook’s news feed works as per facebook, primary function of news feed is to convey the true news to people at right time so that audience will never miss any stories that are important to them.


Facebook sorts through thousands of potential stories to choose the most relevant and engaging story for its users and put them in news feed for you to browse through them.

Facebook sorts and prioritizes stories based on the content which is more likely to engage it’s user based on likes, shares, comment and the time spent on it. The more engaging the content is, more chances you have to engage people and accomplish it’s mission of earning from the ads shown in News Feed page of Facebook.


  1. Use relevant targeting options:

Targeting your post to specific group of people is another way to boost your content engagement on Facebook. You have eight options on Facebook to set your target: relationship status, gender, age, education qualification, language, location, post end date and interests. Select the correct targeting option that would assist you in narrowing in on the right audience for your content.


  1. Post your content at peak time


Your chances of getting noticed increases when there are fewer numbers of people who are sharing the content on Facebook. Studies suggest that the best time to post on Facebook is 3pm but again this time can vary depending on when your targeted audience is online.

Go to your Facebook Insights and check when your fans are active on Facebook. Then calculate a time when majority of your fans are online and the number of people posting is less. This way you can narrow out the best time for you to post of Facebook and increase your chances of getting noticed.


Points that will Influence The Facebook Page


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type 
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Google+


Google+ is now a trendy way to collect high volume of traffic and you can optimize it through several ways like:

  1. Optimize your Google+ profile


When you are writing about your ‘About Page’, make sure you use high traffic keywords on your Google+ profile. There are many areas in this section where you can such high ranking keywords. These areas include introduction, occupation, bragging rights, employment section and skills.


BONUS TIP – You should create clickable links out of your top, high ranking keywords on your Introduction and Bragging Rights sections. When you do so, Google search algorithm picks them and ranks them on a higher rank as compared to others.

  1. Perfect use of high traffic keywords

Always use your high ranking and high traffic keywords or phrases in the first sentence of your post. This is a good way to improve your search ranking via Google+ posts. Google+ considers the first sentence of any Google+ post to be part of post’s title.


  1. Share content on Google+

If you want to get high rank organically on Google, you should share your content on Google+. If you search for any keyword or string these days on Google, it will most likely show the first page of Google+ post.


  1. Edit your post

The best and unique part of Google+ posts is that you can edit the content anytime you want. The update helps you to catch Google’s search attention in a similar way it does when you update the content of your website. This feature is very helpful when one of your Google+ post gets a lot of attention and goes viral. You can change the content as per the changes or add new updates whenever you want.


  1. Fast indexing

A normal page or new blog on your website may take some time to get noticed by Google. But when you share your new blog or post on Google+, you are sure that it will be “indexed” by Google as soon as possible. Sharing your posts and pages on Google+ is a great way to speed up the indexing process by Google which in turn increases your probability of being found sooner.


Points that will Influence Google+


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Twitter

Twitter is a perfect place to engage with audiences and build relationships with them. Use these tricks to generate high volume of organic traffic for your website:


  1. Connect with your audiences & experts


This is one of the more effective strategies on Twitter. Finding someone by chance and then engaging them in conversation is the strategy here. The tighter bond you create with your conversation, the more likely chance you have to get a link back to your blog.

But you have to make sure that the person you are engaging in a conversation is an expert in your field. You must also do some research about their content to sort out the best out of them. You can curate your own content from theirs. The advantage of this is that you can get great content and other advantage is that you can link this content to these people and they will surely reciprocate the favor by giving you as a link.


  1. Follow people

Twitter with 304 million users is a great platform to get recognition for your business. You can use Twitter lists to find and follow those individuals you want to connect with. Alternatively, you can use Twitter lists to stay up-to-date with the people or brand that are important for you. People included in lists are having quality account and can be very helpful for you. 


  1. Go beyond text only

Use of Twitter as text only is a thing of the past now. Twitter has visual content that are auto expanded in your tweets. So now you can accompany your content with a picture to improve its quality.

Good visual content goes a long way and assists your updates to stand out from the crowd which are text dominated. A study has proven that a tweet with an image link gets twice the engagement as compared to ones without it.


Points that will Influence The Twitter Profile


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Graphic Designer


  • LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn with 400 million users is spread across 200 countries and territories around the world. Around 100 million users actively use the platform on a monthly basis. LinkedIn functions similar to other social media platforms. You can get 20% organic reach with your posts and updates. This figure can go up to 60% if you regularly post on LinkedIn.


You can use the following tacts to increase your organic reach through LinkedIn:

  • Sharing relevant and engaging posts and contents like case studies.
  • Participating in various groups on LinkedIn.
  • Posting contents at right times.


Points that will Influence The LinkedIn Profile


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Pinterest Profile


A survey on various social media platforms came up with interesting number. As per the survey, every post on Facebook gets 90 minutes of visibility in News Feed, whereas you get 24 minutes on Twitter but a pin on Pinterest lasts for 151,200 minutes. 93 out of 100 top brands in the World have their account on Pinterest. Still there are many brands that are yet to explore the advantages provided by this social network.

Organic reach of Pinterest is higher when compared to that of Facebook and Twitter. The number of people who can see your pins is most of the times greater than the number of your followers and this is the main reason behind its popularity. Another survey that was conducted on brand’s interaction with fans as compared to the number of their followers shows that Pinterest second in this regards after Instagram.


You can increase your organic reach on Pinterest by:

  • Adding ‘Pin It’ button on your blog.
  • Leveraging other group boards.
  • Cross promoting your pins on your other social media accounts.


 Points that will Influence The Pinterest Profile


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Instagram


Instagram has more than 300 million active users on a monthly basis only after years of its inception. It has 20% of the world’s internet users registered on its platform. It has the highest number of content going viral which puts Instagram ahead of all other social media networks.

There are various ways by which you can increase your organic reach through Instagram:

  • Always experiment with different types of content like visual, quotes, etc.
  • Use relevant hash tags on your posts.
  • Engage your audience by replying to their comments to increase trust.


Points that will Influence The Instagram Profile


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned




Important tips:

Facebook and Twitter are pay and use platform but Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn provide you with larger organic reach when compared to Facebook and Twitter. The social media platforms are arranged below in terms of organic reach in descending order for your assistance


 Instagram,

 LinkedIn,

 Pinterest,

 Twitter and

 Facebook

Though we have provided with the list and stated the advantages and drawbacks of these social media platforms, the choice of promoting your brand is clearly dependent on your business vertical, goals and the geography and kind of your targeted audience that you want to target.


  • YouTube


If there are beautiful videos or slideshow on your website then you can widely use YouTube to attract users towards your website. You just have to upload the videos on YouTube and link back to your website.


There are some points that you should follow while using YouTube as a platform for attracting your users:

  • Optimize the YouTube videos. You can do this through simple settings: Video level, Channel level, and YouTube association setting.
  • Create a trailer video on your brand, site and link it to the dashboard which will be visible to everyone who is visiting your channel. If they will find it relevant and interesting they will must go through the other videos as well on your website for more detail and content.
  • Must link your website to your videos through mentioning it in description or through annotation.
  • Share the videos on other social media.
  • Use an attractive thumbnail of the videos which will give a hard impact on your audiences searching in YouTube.
  • Create an effective description and title of your videos which will be shown in the search engine results and it will definitely attract the potential customers.



Points that will Influence The YouTube


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Video
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Video Editor


  • YouTube Ads

YouTube is a massive platform and it can easily reach to an incredible amount of users across the world and that’s why YouTube can drive a significant amount of traffic.

What It Is

Any video uploaded here can be an ad. A pre roll video that appears before other videos and other video ad that appears besides video playing is called YouTube ads.

Using it you can ensure that thousands of audiences are viewing your ads instantly. And obviously, it will work in driving traffic to your website.

How much you have to pay

You can set your daily budget and you just have to pay only after engagement with your video, if a user skip your ad before 30 seconds then you don’t have to pay a single penny.

Target Option

YouTube also caters you a wide option for targeting and you can select your target based on gender, age, interest, location and many more.

Points that will Influence The YouTube Ads


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Moderate
4Require Content Type Video
5Nature of acquired Traffic Inorganic Or Paid
6Dependency ·        Video Editor

·        Ads Manager


  • Google AdWords

How does Google AdWords works?

It is not something to say that Google is the most visited and the largest search engine on the web and has been receiving almost more that 200 million queries on daily basis. Since Google is most popular, webmasters are looking to get a higher ranking of their websites in the search engine results. You can use it through variable ways like:

  • A good ranking means that you can achieve higher traffic on your website.
  • The search engine result page is also a great area for people to advertise a product or service.
  • Google AdWords can guarantee traffic on your website instantly.
  • Google AdWords displays applicable textual advertisements in its search engine result page which is marked as “Sponsored Links”.

How to use Google AdWords

  • Open an account with the Google AdWords.
  • Choose target language and country.
  • Create an ad group. The step incorporates selection of keywords, designing of ad, defining the bid amount, and determination of maximum cost per click according to your budget.

The most important step in creating an interactive Google AdWords campaign is creation of an effective title tag because it will catch the attention of your target audience. Make it short, attractive, and catchy.

Be sure that your ad conveys a clear and effective message to the audiences and it will surely drive qualified leads and increased conversion.

You can reach more potential audience through:

  • Keyword variation
  • Misspellings
  • Derivatives
  • Broad match
  • Negative keyword

Where should you run your AdWords Campaign

You should use a combination of campaigns on search and display network which is keyword targeted because:

  • Google Display Network: context based targeting assists your ad campaigns to be directed to certain pages those are theme based to the message of your business or brand. The keywords are searched for matches in relevant pages on the internet.
  • Google Search Network:

The advertising on Google will allow it to appear on SERPs on Google network. All you have to do is to choose a keyboard and put bids for your ads. When users search on Google with these keywords then your ad will be shown.

  • Alternate Search Network:

Use of AdWords does not limit your advertisement only to Google. You can be shown in search results on other search engine sites that are in partnership with Google. This expands your target customers reach.


Important terms to know

  • Placement targeting

This type of advertising assists you to choose places or specific section of websites within Google display network where you can post your ad. You have the option to select the site on which you want to post your ad based on the targeted audience or any specific site that meets your business criteria. You can use Display Planner to get ideas on how to post your ads.

  • Ad formats

Along with generating traffic and leads on your website, you would also like to engage your target audience with the product or service you are providing. The best way to do so is using texts with clear message of your product that also includes a rich media like image or video which would enhance the message you are trying to deliver.

  • Bid strategy

The main motive of generating traffic and lead on your website is to increase the ROI through lead conversions or traffic. To achieve the same, you can also use cost-per-click for both the textual and placement targeted ad campaigns.


Points that will Influence Google AdWords


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range High
4Require Content Type Creative
5Nature of acquired Traffic Inorganic Or Paid
6Dependency Ads Manager


  • Email marketing

Email newsletters are the one of the quickest and the easiest way to update your customers with different products, news updates, or any event being organized by the company. You can reach to a large number of audiences at once and also encourage them to take action.

Send Emails and increase your presence:

A good way of entering people’s lives is by making a way through their emails. Emails can be beneficial in talking about your new products, new services or the next discount campaign you might be running.

However, stick to a pattern – don’t keep bombarding emails, it will only lead more and more people hit the “unsubscribe “button and lead to lower amount of potential clients for you. Hit an email only when you really want to, that will do the trick. Designing a nice enticing newsletter is highly credible.

Include testimonials of people who endorse your products and indulge in word of mouth publicity too. When more and more people talk about your product, it helps build your presence in the industry and helps bring prosperity and eminence to your enterprise.

But you need to carry it in a special way so that you can get more number of traffic on your website and here are some effective agenda:

  • Subscriber list has to be unique to their products, services, and demographic.
  • Create a catchy subject line
  • Use actual name to not look like spams.
  • Add a local aspect like location in the subject line
  • Don’t repeat the subject line. Always start an email campaign with new and more captivating line.
  • Avoid promotional emails because it looks more like spam.
  • Create a subject line of 50 characters to maintain its sweetness and easiness to read.
  • Personalize the email as much as you can and create an impressive content.
  • You should insert link everywhere in your mail. Every Images, call to actions, and buttons should link to a specific website page. Well you can also add link like get more information.
  • Use social media buttons on top of the email and bottom of the social pages and let your readers to follow on respective pages as well.
  • You should make every button like call to action very creative and attractive so that your reader must go for click action.
  • Create a button for signup on your email which is directly linked to a signup form on your website.
  • Send your email on right time. Analyse the correct time when users are more active from analytics and send your email on that specific time interval.
  • You should create an email responsive on multiple devices so that mobile user can efficiently read it because these days most of the people are checking their mail on mobile devices.

Points that will Influence Email Marketing


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Moderate
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Contextual ad

Contextual advertising helps you to target a particular group of customers. It helps you to put your ads on websites whose contents are relevant to your business. Automated system is used to display ads related to the content that users of your website generally check.

Some of the famous examples of contextual advertising are


  1. Google AdSense. Google robots will display ads that are relevant to your users. The ads are based on the search history of your user and selected from an inventory of advertisers registered through AdWords.
  2. MSN AdCenter and Yahoo! Publisher Network have also come up with similar context based advertising service. These are good alternatives to Google Adsense.
  3. Quigo
  4. Industry Brain
  5. Vibrant Media
  6. Context Web
  7. Ask
  8. Pulse 360
  9. Outbrain,
  10. Taboola and more


Points that will Influence Contextual Ad


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Moderate
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Inorganic Or Paid
6Dependency ·         Graphic Designer,

·         Ads Manager


  • Press Release Outreach/Submission

Press release is a good way to promote your product and services. A good content can result in multiple published articles about your company. This could bring new prospects for your product. Press content also circulates your website link to different sites where they publish their content to.

You can submit a request about your website to different PR website. There are some steps that will help you for press release submission:

  • Write a perfect and clearly defined press release. Keep it concise and short and include all relevant content.
  • Add hyperlink to your press release.
  • Create a SEO press release, in fact an expert SEO writer should be hired in order to create a perfect press release.
  • Create additional link to the press release through social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • You should also consider extending your press release to sites having video content like YouTube. You can add a press release link to the YouTube video to extend your reach.
  • You should consistently monitor your website regularly to know which strategy helped to increase traffic on your website. You should add new promotions around your press release to remain in the eyes of the public and be relevant in this ever changing web environment

Points that will Influence The Press Release Outreach


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Press Release
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Paid Press release

A paid article on release via press can help to increase your customer reach and build brand awareness also increasing traffic on your website. It is also not difficult task as companies are always on a lookout to cover stories.

If press releases are done in a planned way it helps you to increase reach of your business. Along with getting more eyes on the business, you also come in contact with a reporter who can come handy down the line.

Depending on the service you are choosing, your press release can be sent to a large number of outlets. Though these paid advertisements do not have much value with respect to SEO, but it does generate exposure for your business.

Traffic will be directly proportional to the amount of money you spend and quality of the content. High pay will let you collect high traffic. Press releases are most effective when something newsworthy happens like a new product launch, achieving a target, etc.

It can be inarguably said that paid services are much better than free ones. When you pay for a press release, it will be distributed to larger number of media outlets. But it is always affordable to pay for press releases. So, press releases should only be used when it is absolutely necessary like a new product launch. In all other cases, you should be happy with the free coverage option.


Some useful tips:

  • Press release should be neat and clear and should contain a Headline, Summary, Body and description of your business including contact details.
  • All distribution services do not require all parts hence you should submit each part in separate input boxes.
  • Distribution companies generally require a valid email address to notify you about the approval. Make sure you have an email address that is in your domain name and that you are not using free email services. Additionally, the distribution services also require basic information like your first name, last name, postal address etc.
  • Press release: distributors also ask for a day when you want it to be released. Make sure you choose a day or two in advance. This will help you to be a step ahead of the crowd.

There are oodles of free or paid press release services available in the market. PRlog.org, PRleap.com, or PRWeb.com, are a few names.

But it is always advisable to send the press release directly to a journalist or editor. This gives you with an advantage being read faster as compared to other options. You can easily get the details of such people by paying a marketing or advertising company as they have established these contacts beforehand.

Or you can yourself do some digging to find the editor in the publication you want to go with. The advantage of approaching yourself aids with the advantage that you are portrayed as a knowledgeable person in your field of Business and these reporters would turn to you to get an interview for their story.

Monitor Your Efforts

If you want the press releases to be effective, then you will have to monitor analytics to understand which content is working out for you and which is not. Most paid services include analytics that includes number of views and likes on social networks, Tweets and search engine visits. Additionally, you can opt for other paid services like ewatch.com, webclipping.com, Lexis-Nexis. They keep a record of the mentions of the company and come up with a detailed report. Google Analytics can also be used to monitor which social media site is assisting in driving traffic to your website.

Points that will Influence Press Release


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range High
4Require Content Type Press Release
5Nature of acquired Traffic Inorganic Or Paid
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Video sharing

Different types of videos which if used at right time will effectively connect your users with your products and services. But you should know how to share videos for the best results because right videos at the right time will prompt desired results. That’s why you must care while video sharing:

Padpamper animated with light and human tone, Wideo and PowToon tools

  • Short promotional videos:

Create short promotional videos that include the benefits and features of your services as well as products and post them on your website. Explain about the services and products and tell your user that which kind of problems you can solve.

  • How to Videos

How-to videos are specifically directed to people with the intent to buy stuffs. Generally, these people have a problem they want to fix or want to learn. The video should demonstrate how to do it. It has been observed that one out of three people have bought the product after watching a tutorial or how-to video about the product.

Your video should show the use of the product you are selling. Like you can show how to fix an instrument using your tools or how to stay fit using your product. You should always focus on instructing your audience rather than trying to sell the product.

  • Product walk through videos

In such videos, you should show the common use cases of the product. The message should be clear and precise so that users can understand it. You can slowly narrate out the process to your users. You can send such videos in your welcome emails or direct a new user from the home page.


Mac user can use QuickTime and others can use ScreenRecorder for Windows. BuzzSumo can also create a fantastic walkthrough.

  • Create a screencast video

You can use videos to answer the FAQs. People are more attracted to videos as they are easy to learn from. It also establishes trust and credibility. You can also have the links ready to be sent to users who call for information or email you with their questions.

  • Testimonial videos

You can take help of your loyal customers to record a testimonial video for your business and how your product helped then solved their problem. You can also meet customers by setting up a spot at an event and know their experience regarding your product.

  • Video ads for sale

You can also create video ads for YouTube or Facebook. Vine compilations and Instagram are other trending areas to promote your product.

  • Retarget the Visitors

Video marketing is very useful in retargeting people or prospect users who visited your website but for some reason did not convert.

You can create a custom audience for retargeting people who visited your page. You can create a video remarketing list and then select the video you want to promote in a similar way when you started a video campaign.

Points that will Influence The Video Sharing


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Video
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Video Editor



  • Image sharing

Images are very important in this age of social media because they are easier to consume, explain difficult information and are more shared on social media as compared to posts without images.

A study by Pointer eye tracking, people are more attracted towards an image than text when they visit a website.

The next big question that arises is whether the images on your website are optimized for social media, search or speed. You have to check whether the image is having a positive or negative impact on your website. The following six methods can assist in optimizing your images to bring more traffic on your website.

  • Image optimization for people

To attract people, you really need to optimize images according to them who you want to attract. While using this feature, you should keep in mind few points like:

  1. Use relevant images
  2. Use supersized images
  3. People using RSS feed readers be going through these images to scan all the content you have put. Your image should be relevant to attract their attention and make them come to your website.
  4. Use faces in images. When you use faces that are looking at the reader, mimicking an eye contact, you will get more views.


  • Image optimization for search engine

Optimize images for search engine so that images can be indexed correctly and search engine can serve for highly qualified searches. That’s why you must follow these rules:

  1. Compress images– Even though everyone would want to use large images as compared to smaller ones, but size of the file should also be kept in mind. You should always compress the size of the image before uploading.
  2. The number of images on the page should be limited. Remove unnecessary images so that the page does not look clogged.
  3. Use keywords– Numerous strategic places need the use of keywords when it comes to images. You can put the keywords in alt text, or put them in the image name, or in the page title or in texts around the image.
  4. Long descriptions– Long descriptions are the most commonly missed element when using images. Long descriptions are like alt tags but with more information.


  • Image optimization for Social Media

Images are the most popular and shared content on social media platforms. But posting an image never confirmed about its sharing. You must optimize it in effective way for increasing its share through several steps and they are:

  1. Use attractive images.
  2. Use standard image formats – There are numerous ways to format an image, but you must use the most commonly used formats like .jpeg, .gif and .png. These are easily displayed on all available devices hence removing the barrier of views.
  3. Post your photos on social media sharing sites – If you have a great image in your blog then you can share that image on social media websites like Faceband Google+. Also, upload it on sites like Photobucket, Pinterest, Instagram, Picassa, etc. It eases the photo sharing option for people.
  4. Optimize for Digg submission – If you are using specific applications like Digg, then make sure the image is properly pixilated other no image would be displayed and make you lose clicks.


  • Optimization of image filename

File name of an image does matter and especially in case of SEO. You can do it either using a tool called Media File renamer or you can do it manually by keeping in mind several points like:

  • Keep the filename short.
  • It should describe your product and should contain keywords.
  • Avoid spaces and underscores from filenames.


  • Title text and alt tag optimization of an image

You should make your images SEO friendly and there are some ways to do this:

  1. Add alt tag and title texts – this Google plug-in automatically adds an alt tag and a title text for every image, easing the process for all users.
  2. Changes title text and alt tag– This plug-in would create separate title and alt tag by mixing the below for variables:
  • %title – it will replace the title of the post.
  • %name- it will replace the image file name
  • %category- it will replace the category of the post.
  • %tags- it will replace the tags of the post.

However, if you are confused between alt attribute and title attribute then you should know their differences and they are shown in below image:


  • Loading speed optimization of image

Loading speed of an image on Google is very important since no one will wait too long for loading a page that’s why you must optimize the image for enhancing its loading speed.

  1. The alternate option is that you can do this in your media library before uploading the image
  2. You can use several other tools to optimize the images before uploading it.
  3. You can use a wordpress plug-in called WP Smush.it for image optimization that will compress the image, convert gif to PNGs, and eradicate unnecessary colors from the images while uploading an image. It will process large quality of images at a time in less time.



  • Image sharing (Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram,: image sharing website)


Points that will Influence The Image Sharing


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Graphic Designer



  • Slide/PPT/Ebook Sharing

Slides are a powerful method. With the use of slides, you can double or triple the traffic with minimum effort. The audience is focused, engaged and most likely to convert into end customer.

Slide sharing websites assist online users and businesses to upload their public and private files in PDF format, open office format, and PPTs. These sharing sites are a way to get quality back links for your business and increase traffic. A user can share infographics on social media sites as well. These sites also allow the uploaders to check the views, downloads and shares their infographics have received.

To drive more number of traffic you should optimize Slide share using the methods:

  1. Title slide optimization

The title of the slide is generating most important for SEO purposes, so make sure that you design it very carefully.

You should use valuable keywords in the headlines and if possible add your business name, contact details and website URL in the first slide itself.


  1. Add important information on footer and header.

The template should contain your social account details like Twitter handle, Facebook page etc on the header or footer

  1. Final slide optimization

The last slide is equally important as the first slide.

The last slide should integrate your contact information like business name, contact number, URL, address and link to your social media accounts.


  1. Main content should be text on slide

When you are designing your slideshow presentation in programs like Microsoft PowerPoint, the main point that should be kept in mind is that texts are primarily used in the PPT.

You can alternatively hire a professional designer to make slides. Such experts may use graphic formats. They use the words found in the graphics and make use of those words instead of normal text.

By doing so, it will surely decrease or might completely negate keyword ranking capability of the final presentation. Because of this fact, you should proceed with simple designs with text in place of a slide that has all graphics.

  1. Use slide sharing platform

The most famous slide sharing platform is Slide share, operated by LinkedIn and provides several additional connectivity benefits.

Apart from this, you can use several other sharing website as well like Pezi, authorstream.com, brainshark.com, empressr.com, issuu.com, m62.net, myplick.com, noteandpoint.com, powershow.com, present.me, presentationfx.com, scribd.com and many more.

In place of copying your slides on different platforms, you can use Slide share or go with any one of the above mentioned sites that suits you.

Additionally, you can go with other presentation services that offer optimization advantage. The only disadvantage of such services is that you cannot import their services offline and need to create your presentation on their platform itself.


  1. Share your presentation

You can share your slideshow presentation from your website and connect it to your blog.

Search engines like Google will index links to PPT files. Sharing and tweeting your link would help in getting inbound traffic if people like your presentation and share it with others.

If you ever choose to share your slideshow, always remember to link your profile from your blog or your website.

  1. Profile optimization

The profile page is the most important page on any slide sharing website. Keeping this in mind, you should be very careful in optimizing your profile page.

If you have space in the slide, make sure you add your phone number and full address. Your business name should be present at the place where it asks for the name of profile. Post that and you should upload a good avatar picture and strong precise description with complete keyword.

Points that will Influence PPT/Slide/Ebook Sharing


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type PPT
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Graphic Designer


  • Infographic

Infographic is simply a way to represent any complex information in simple visual and clear way.

Why to use Infographics

  • It is more engaging rather than words only.
  • It is highly shareable and automatically earns more traffic for you.
  • If planned, ad represented in interesting way goes more viral and gets more traffic.

But the main factor is that how you create an infographic from the collected data. The very first step is to collect information then convert it into flow chart or visual content while reminding few points in your mind for infographics:

  • You can opt for flow chart or graphs and you should have idea how the content is perceived by the audiences. In fact, title also takes an important part in attracting them.
  • Content should be statistically correct and verified from a source. Make your content reliable rather than putting your own opinion. Make it verified from some trusted sources.
  • Create a unique infographic. Like we have created one on “Best Time to Share Tweet Publish on Social Media “.
  • Select interesting and trendy topics so that readers would have interest to go through your content.
  • Create useful as well as shareable infographics. Use short description and paragraph so that readers take interest.
  • It should be professionally designed and should make a perfect match between quality content and quality designed infographics.
  • Include code generator while making infographics which makes it easy to share and embed.

And the next step is to post it in your blog followed by some other necessary steps to drive more traffic:

  1. Promotion of infographics through various tacts. Link it back to your other blogs, contact other bloggers to ask them to run your infographics with a linkback to your blog and offer guest post (it proffers benefit for both of you, you will get traffic and they will get free blog post).
  2. Social media have become a powerful place to share information about anything. You can use this power to your advantage. But you must give special attention to sites where infographics are popular like Pinterest. 80% of the pins on the site are repins from other boards. So, if you get more boards, then your chances of getting repinned will be greater. Facebook can help you get a lot of shares on your infographic that have interesting theme. LinkedIn can also prove to be valuable if you start a conversation about an infographic and link it to your blog.
  • To increase the traffic, send the infographic to other bloggers with hopes to get coverage. The least they can do is to tag you as a resource. This may increase your credibility and may increase traffic on your site as people may come for more information.


Points that will Influence The Infographics


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Image
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Graphic Designer


  • Content Republishing on Other Site

Republishing a blog can get you a significant amount of traffic. Probably, you were thinking that publishing of same article on different sites will be penalized by Google but if you know exactly how to republish your content then it will never happen.

Use “rel=canonical” to avoid penalty

If you are going to republish your blog on other websites, then the foremost thing you have to take care that you use rel=canonaical in source codes. For instance, if we will republish a blog on another website using the source code:

<link rel=”canonical” href=https://technians.com/blog/on-page-seo-factor-big-portals//>

Then that website will tell Google to consider all credit for the blog to the technians.com and Google will not penalize that website for duplicacy.

So, you must post your content on such kind of websites that allow you to use this source code. There are several websites which will let you this like Forbes, Social Media Examiner, Verge, etc.

Use different language

You can also try with different languages while republishing your post. You can translate your original blog and post it on relevant site and it will save you from getting penalized as well as from extra effort of rewriting.

How to republish content

There are several steps you should follow while republishing of the content:

  • Look for a publisher who will accept republished article and ask them to republish your content in a pitch. If you are contacting first time to a publisher, then it would be great if you offer him a fresh content rather than a republished post.
  • Make sure that your content matches their audiences as well as vibes and fulfill their requirement as well.
  • Put a different headline of the content to make it slightly different from the original.
  • At last but not the least and very important, check out for the canonical tag


Points that will Influence The Content Republishing


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Blog
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Content Gap

Creating content is not a perfect way to collect attention of your user in fact it should reach to the customers with all correct points. A perfect content needs some caliber to create it and the effective content needs to coordinate with the desire of your audience. However, if you missed a certain group of audiences then you will surely loose a large number of traffic. That’s why Content Gap Analysis helps you to identify, compare and overcome the strength and weaknesses of a business. It also provides strategy for improvement.

Content Gap Analysis can assist in improving the overall customer engagement by creating values that would resonate with the target audience at different stages of their consumer journey.

  • Audit and inventory of existing content

Through this step, you can better know about your contents and you can break them in to various level of CX loop (Customer experience loop).

For example, if you are concerned towards selling then you would probably miss out those huge amounts of audiences who are still not aware with your brand. In this way you are skipping the loop of the customers who are not aware with you. To cover all loop, you have to focus on brand awareness more along with selling.

Include long tail keyword and create broader content for collecting traffic through CX loop.


  • Competitive audit and analysis

Once you have a list of target, now walk through the content of your competitors; analyze their content and current trend. You can use several tools as well like Buzzsumo, BrightEdge’s DataCube and Open Site Explore & Ahrefs.

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is an effective way to create an effective content. You should do an in-depth analysis and explore to come up with volumes of potential keywords.

Points that will Influence The Content Gap


1Effort to createModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Content Partnership

The content marketer often create content in partnership with interesting personalities and companies in the industry. This is a mutual beneficial process and both parties have access to each other audiences. Your audience gets better rounded view in the content that is created after the partnership.

You can team up with a business for an event. Later this partnership can be extended offline to give extra exposure. Moreover, you can speak or sponsor a local event. You should be aware of the happenings near you and make a debut in any one event. You can also make use of such event to build network with people with similar interest or your target audience. This can prove to build your business as the expert in your vertical.

Points that will Influence The Content Partnership


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range High
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Blogging

A blog can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. Good content to the blog will provide useful resources to visitors. More pages on the blog can provide more pages for search engines to index.

Good quality articles will also assist in generating more incoming links to the website. It will also help in strengthening your brand value and building trust among your readers, existing customers and potential customers.

How to use blog to increase the traffic to your website:

  1. Create a professional blog design

A professional looking blog will fortify your brand, increase leads & sales, and increase credibility. That’s why you should take care of few matters like:

  • Do not put many advertisement as well as nonessential images on the page of the blogs. These will annoy your readers and probably many of them will return back. So, make your blog practical and beautiful.
  • Blog design should be responsive so that it will look great on computer and laptop along with mobile devices as well.
  • Use perfect font that will be easy to read.
  • Use the side bar of the blog wisely and put search bar, archive links, and category links. You can also display recent post, related articles, and featured article. Well the best place for displaying the related article is underneath the blog post.
  1. Create better content

Better content doesn’t imply only quality actually it is about becoming more strategic for content marketing efforts. It must fulfill a certain need and this would be a successful content. Actually, there are two kinds of contents: one is cool and funny whereas other is educational and useful. You can start with anyone according to your perfection area.

You can take help for finding trendy topics from quora and Buzzsumo and many more.

Obtain a creative and captivating style for content developing; add infographics, images, statistics, graph, and videos to make your content more interactive.

  1. Create evergreen content that would be found by your readers anytime useful.
  2. Use stunning headline so that visitors cannot resist themselves from clicking and reading your content. Try different headline and see which will work best for you.
  3. Use keywords to drive huge amount of traffic on your website.
  4. Give a special place to Long tail keyword in your content

Long tail keyword is special phrase of three or more words. This keyword will increase the chance of getting a top SERP rank.


You can find out the long tail keyword for your content through various process like:

  • Take help from Google. Start typing a phrase and see what it suggests you via auto complete suggestion feature as shown below and note down all of them.

  • The next step is to put those words and note down few Google’s related search suggestions.



  • You have to take all these long tail phrases that you have found in Google and check which phrase drives more traffic. Use them in Google Keyword Planner.  Separate out the phrases which drive most traffic and group them according to high search volume and low competition. These are the keywords that can prove their worth in gold. The next logical step would be to create contents with these keywords.



You can use some of the plugins in your wordpress which will help you with SEO like Wordpress SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack, it will ease out the process to craft meta description, set up of URL slugs, setup sitemaps, and assist you in moving to other SEO technical things that does not generally come naturally to bloggers.

Points that will Influence The Blogging


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a powerful tool to increase the number of prospective traffic on your website.

Being a Guest Blogger works to your advantage:

Ah!  You thought you could no longer benefit from being a guest blogger on the web? Well, there’s relief and respite then. The guest blogging industry isn’t as barren and dead as you thought. Blogging on a credible website can help you drive a lot of eyeballs and expanded reach towards your website and business. There is a possibility for a lot of “out of mouth” publicity when you take up guest blogging on the web.

It can help you build your brand identity; get continuous calling for your enterprise, increase reach and thus get more and more business. However, don’t go overboard with this. Be hearteous but bind by caution. Some rules and regulations are necessary when you blog on someone’s website.

The success of “Evernote” is a noted example here. Did you know how Evernote achieved phenomenal success by just sharing a few good things through guest blogging?

The CEO of Evernote, Phil Libin being a guest contributor at the highly acclaimed TechCrunch, happened to share some formidable information and first-hand experience of promoting an” I phone application”. It went to become one of the most widely shared posts and helped Evernote become vulnerable to a whole lot of competitors who tried to copy what Evernote did right.

You can reach to very confined audiences that you never reached before through two processes:

Let someone to guest blog in your website

  • If you post blog on your site weekly and allow others to post blog on your website, then they will take care of 25% of your content.
  • In fact, if you keep your rate of posting blog same, even then you have developed much more content to attract readers.
  • The other and important benefit is that you will get access of their social network. Since after publishing the article they will surely push the article to their social media account as well like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, etc. This will get a bunch of new audiences through their social media.
  1. Blogging on another site.


Blogging on another site will generate a high quality of back links. It could be a genuine question that “Is it right to share a valuable content to post on other website”. But you should know that excellent quality of content is good for your site but getting high quality back link must be your top priority.

Benefit of Guest Blogging on another site

  • While writing an article to post on another website you can stuff keywords and link it to the pages of your website so that user can directly come to your website through a single click. Additionally, it will help Google to rank that keyword as well.
  • You have a great opportunity to influence their users and make them your own users through a top notch quality of content. You can easily own their readers’ trust and get recognition your own name through multiple posts.

Points that will Influence Thee Guest Blogging


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is specially a link building strategy but also useful in driving traffic to your website. Actually, Blog commenting is an action taken by blogger, blog readers, visitors, and blog viewers. Commenting prompts conversation that eventually builds a relationship between user and authors.

What is blog commenting system

Blog commenting is a process where readers leave their comment about the blog. There are number of sites that act as backbone for blogs, for example WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, etc. Similarly Blog commenting system is the backbone for content management system.

Need of Blog commenting in SEO

Blog commenting is done by different people for different perspective like eblogger do it for getting more backlinks. Some other reasons are:

  • Backlinks

Users both comment to get Backlinks. It is a great way to increase traffic on your account. One of mains reasons of no traffic on website is lack of authority from the search engines. Commenting helps in getting Backlinks and hence indirectly assists you.

  • Traffic

As you know that when anyone comments on a blog, he leaves backlinks, which proves that backlinks are a way to increase traffic. You have to make sure that the blog you are commenting on is not a random blog because it will not affect your traffic.

  • Build Relationships

The best way to build the trust and relationship with your users is through blogs. It is a slow process and takes time, but once you have built a strong relationship with your users it becomes easier. It will also help you to build relationships with bloggers and site admins etc.

  • Brand Recognition

Whenever you are blogging, you should always do that in your own style so that you can drive potential users. Even though the Visitors don’t comment on the blog, your product’s name is enough to make an impression. It may be that after buying your products, the users may consider you.

How to do blog commenting

It is not difficult to post your reviews or thoughts on a blog. You have to ensure that that the message in the post is clear. It is not necessary to always be positive while commenting. You can provide negative comments too. But doing so, you should be able to justify your stand.

Points that will Influence The Blog Commenting


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Question Answer


There are several platforms where you can put your question and get answers from the experts or you can put your answers against any questions as well and these are called question and answer sites (Q&A sites).

Questions generally contain long tail keyword and that’s why lot of users are travelling here apart from regular one. There are many sites are available but the most popular are Quora and some others are Stack Exchange, Answerbag, Yahoo!Answers, Blur it, Anybody Out There, wikianswers, FunAdvice, etc.


Points that will Influence The LinkedIn Ads


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Podcast

Podcast is usually a series based audio files available on internet for downloading on computer as well as any mobile devices. Users can subscribe to it to get a regular update on a particular subject or one’s services as well as products. A podcast channel is an effective way to enhance your network. It will bring visibility, credibility, and respect in your arena of business.

A podcast ad is of 60-seconds in length and costs hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. When you are called as a guest on a podcast, you have over 30 minutes to promote your business. One podcast like that would cost you thousands of dollars in advertising.

Podcast Outreach service helps you to reach your targeted market audience on a monthly basis through popular podcasts that your targeted audience listens. You can promote your products and services to them. It is a great way to convert listeners into visitors and visitors into customers.

Points that will Influence The Podcast


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Podcast
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency ·        Audio Software

·        Content


  • RSS Feed

The RSS Feed is very useful for your site if you have it setup for your site. It has the capability to drive repeat traffic on your website/blog. The repeat traffic is from people who have already visited your website. The only drawback of it is that most people are still unaware about RSS Feed and how to use it to its full potential.

RSS or Really Simple Syndication feed is a general form of XML that enables your content to be shared far and on large scale. It attracts traffic and links back to your website. RSS reader software empowers you to select subscribers who subscribe to your feed and notifies them as soon as you publish new content on your website.

Points that you should remember while using RSS feed


  • Influence people to sign up in your RSS Feed.


Well you cannot force them to signup so you have to own some tacts that will help you to influence them for signing up. In this context, you should be sure that:

  1. Your website or blog is of high quality
  2. Engage with audiences to make them believe that your offerings have something special for them.
  3. Target your user and let them know that you will provide them more and more in intervals.
  • Never forget to add new entries in RSS feed.
  • Avoid entry of minor updates.


Points that will Influence RSS Feed


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Blog
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer



  • Webinar


Webinars have turned out to be a very popular way of engaging with audiences and sharing content with them. The outreach to audience is much wider in case of webinars as the there is no such restrictions on trainers and attendees. The amount of data present on the internet is huge, so to become successful you need to stand out from others and present something different and more useful to your targeted leads as compared to your competitors.


Webinars assists you in presenting an unlimited amount of attractive and interesting contents that are targeted to your audience and industry vertical. There is no defined length for a webinar. They can be short as well as long depending on your need. Hence it is very useful and effective way to deliver short messages or a long educational or training session.


Webinars can also help you to increase traffic on your website. Webinars can be promoted through various modes like social media, email marketing, affiliates that can be engaged to promote webinars, blogging, and various others. Thus, helping to increase traffic that are highly targeted on your website through promotion of your website in and after the webinar.


Points that will Influence The Webinar


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Influencer
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Speak at Conferences


If you are a good orator, conferences can help you to get in front of a targeted audience. You can add your Twitter handle at the bottom of each slide and encourage them to tweet about it. In this way, you can get in touch with their social media audience too.


Points that will Influence Speak at Conferences


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Influencer
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Interviews


People love to explore and especially they love to hear or read about something interesting and reliable. Interview is one of the best way through which you can attract your audiences as it gives interesting and true information. While publishing an interview, you must follow some steps to increase its reliability and make it more attractive:

  • Do some research before interviews and read last interviews or biography of your guest to understand and to figure out the most interesting questions.
  • Try to put some interesting facts and information about your guest in interviews which can nowhere be searched by your audience.

Read it before publishing to make sure about the quality of the content and information.


Points that will Influence Interviews


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Influencer
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Skyscraper Technique


You should know that people are always looking for the best. For single small information, they will go through several websites to know deeply and this is what you can own in your strategy to attract them through Skyscraper technique.

In this technique, you pick up popular pages and improve upon them. After doing that, reach out the sites that are linked with these lower quality pages and make them to link to you

There are few steps you have to follow that will definitely attract audiences of your niche:

  • The very first step includes you have to find a topic on which you want to create an interactive content.
  • Find a related content on the chosen topic that are more relevant, unique, valuable, useful, and helpful so that your audiences find it genuine and want to link back to it.
  • Next step includes making the best and optimized content. Make it innovative and interactive so that people love to read it.
  • You have to search and find some linkable assets followed by improving and promoting it.


Points that will Influence The Skyscraper Technique


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content Writer


  • Testimonial


You can experience that when you are going to buy anything through any shopping site then you definitely go through its reviews submitted by other buyers and this would definitely help you to buy something good.

Likewise, in any services, people love to hear from other existing users and it increases reliability of a service.


Points that will Influence The Testimonial


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Influencer
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Quiz and Survey


A powerful and interactive question fascinates your audiences and encourages them to get engaged with your brand and content.

Actually, people love to know about themselves and this will let them explore several ways and quiz is just one of them. You can let them know more about themselves and about various things through putting out quizzes and survey. Quiz contest lets them explore about themselves whereas survey lets them know about others. Consequently, these methods help them to know about various facts as well and people love to explore new facts.

You can wisely use this interest of your audience and make interactive quizzes and survey.


Points that will Influence The Quiz & Survey


1Effort to create adsModerate
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Influencer
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Paid Influencer Outreach

Analyze the trends and the influencers and what they are sharing. Based on these data create an optimal quality of content to share with the influencers or with the website on which your influencers are sharing.

Influencer Outreach strategy is beneficial for link building, relationship development as well as content promotion. Moreover, it enables your company to exchange values with market leaders and your vertical experts which in turn increases your awareness for future trend of the market.

As per survey, marketers considered influencer outreach “as the fastest-growing online customer acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search, and email marketing.”



It is a long term strategy still an effective strategy and you can enhance your outreach with a perfect strategy.

Basic Steps to start a content outreach

  1. Make list of your target
  2. Make list of your Influencers
  3. Analyze what your influencers are doing
  4. Reach out to websites of your influencers
  5. Reach to your target

Points that will Influence The Influencer Outreach


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type Content
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency Content writer


  • Sponsor Meetups

There are various websites available online that organizes groups of people to get together. Meetup.com is one such popular website. Most of them look for sponsors who can provide them with free meeting space or pay the expenses. This can be a good option to present your product and services in front of an ideal target audience.


Points that will Influence Sponsor Meetups


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficInstant
3Cost Range Moderate to High
4Require Content Type Influencer
5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned


  • Mobile Marketing


Marketing strategy is widely navigating towards modernization but people often use mobile and mobile marketing can never loose its importance. You just have to know how to use it properly for marketing. Whether you are involved in offline as well online business mobile marketing help you in various ways:

  • You can send SMS to your customers.
  • You can send Emails.
  • You can send message on Whatsapp.
  • You can use Flash message
  • App ad is one of the powerful technique fir brand awareness.


Read about marketing strategy and know how to use it perfectly



Points that will Influence Mobile Marketing


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Moderate
4Require Content Type ·         Image

·         Audio

·         Video

·         Content


5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency ·         Graphic Designer

·         Video & Audio Editor





  • Local Directory Sites

Since local listing are limited to the business in a small geographic area. That’s why it can drive a specific number of local visitors and it will solely depend on certain facts, like:

  • Population of the city and your reachability.
  • Title and presentation of your business listing.
  • Credibility of your website.

Register yourself in local search directories like Justdial. It costs nothing. Local directories offer free listings. However, many local directories promote advertising options that may be worth investigating. Advertising with Google AdWords, and niche directories rather than would be more useful.

Top local directory listings are:

  1. Google+
  2. Yahoo / Bing
  3. Facebook
  4. Foursquare
  5. Twitter
  6. Yelp
  7. Superpages
  8. com
  9. Citysearch
  10. com
  11. Zomato
  12. Just Dial
  13. Yelp

Why it is important to list in local directories

Now that Google gives precedence to local listings, it is important that you take advantage of this easy way to generate traffic. How local searches work for you depends on your type of business, the number of directories you use, and the strength of your listing. Contact us to learn more about how local search works in your favor.

Points that will Influence The Local Directory Sites


1Effort to create adsLow
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range Free
4Require Content Type ·         Image

·         Content

5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic or Earned


  • Nature of website

This is the platform where your audience lands to get a thorough detail about you, your business, services, and products. That’s why you must take care that:

Website should be responsive

Website should be responsive so that your audience can open it on any devices with a single URL for an effective interaction.

On page seo optimization

Loading Time Of the website and pages

Website should be loaded in least time (almost within fraction of a second) and navigation should be fast.

Alt Text of images

All images should be alt text so that users as well as Google can recognize it is relevant.

Site optimization

Proper on page optimization should be done.
Points that will Influence The Website designing & Development


1Effort to create adsHigh
2Effective Time of getting TrafficModerate
3Cost Range High
4Require Content Type Image


5Nature of acquired Traffic Organic Or Earned
6Dependency ·         Graphic Designer,

·         Developer

·         Content writer





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