Close Variants Changes by Google AdWords that Shows more Relevant Result

Google has always been looking for changes and try to make its platform better for everyone. In this context, there are some changes that has been induced in the Google Adwords according to which it desires to meet the exact correctness and avoid fuzziness while keyword planning.

Google is now intended to limit the list of keywords for wider coverage. Now you can avoid reordered and plural shuffling of words.

What kind of changes have been induced

Close variants let you choose exact keywords and avoid slight variation. Now Google Adwords use to avoid slight variation in keywords like plurals, abbreviations, typos, adverbs and so forth. You can also experience that it started avoiding the slight differences in word order as well as function words. As you can see, in the below fig., Google Adwords avoids small variations like plural forms, etc.

Plural words

You can experience while using Adwords that it avoids plural form and it displays single result for plural and singular for same keywords as shown in below fig.

This change has been already applied and some of them will appear soon.

Keywords with same meaning but of different orders

Just like plural words, you will experience similar result for a keyword which reflects same meaning but arranged in different order. For example, “Dresses for Women” or “women dresses” will be considered as same.

Function words

Functions words are counted as articles (the, a, an), prepositions (to, in), conjunction (of, for), and some other words like could, would, well, hmm, unless, etc.

All of these function words can be ignored, or added.

Exception criterion

With this change Google wants to pick the exact what you want and eradicate the unwanted words. Additionally, Google focuses on not to change the meaning while changing function words or its order. For example, “compatible Android” and “Android Compatible” will be considered as two different words by it.

Specially, Google does not apply this change to phrase match keywords.

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