Instagram Engagement Is Not Hard: Read These 9 Tips

Instagram Engagement

Marketing campaigns not using Instagram as part of their social media strategy are missing out on a huge opportunity. By not utilizing the power of Instagram you are losing a great deal of potential traffic and business. Social media websites are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. Recent studies have shown how …

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8 Proven Customer Engagement Strategies to Boost Brand’s Growth

Customer Engagement Strategies

In this competitive era, it is essential for a brand to interact with their customers both regularly and personally, to create a strong bond of trust among the audience. A brand needs to ensure that the communication with the customer should be prompt and consistent. In short, customer engagement strategies should be crafted in a …

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10 Minute Guide for Facebook Lead Ads (Facebook Lead Generation Ads)

facebook lead ads

Lead generation is one of the important terms you will hear a lot in Digital Marketing. It refers to the act of initiation of contact with a potential customer, to get their attention. But if you want to catch the attention of as many people as possible with a lead generation ad, you need to optimise …

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Role Of Social Media In Digital Marketing

role of social media in digital marketing

Social media is a platform which not only connects people worldwide but also serves best for Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is a practice which is usually performed to connect the target audience to the business owners. This is done to expand the business quickly and efficiently. Role of social media in digital marketing is one …

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10 Social Media Trends Ruling 2017

Social media sites have proved to be a backbone for the Business Tycoons and all the start-ups. To capitalize the traffic and earn an image, there is nothing like Social Medias. If you wish to connect with people and share lives, what’s best than social networking. A little change in these sites has changed the …

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7 New Features of LinkedIn which we Cannot Miss Out

  Online marketing is something which possess the tendency of globalizing a particular person and a trend. You may not be an active user of LinkedIn but even its minimal use can increase your SEO and can rank you among top LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn currently being the world’s biggest professional networking platform is something that …

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10 Clever Ways to Sell Your Product on Pinterest

  Technology has made lives super simple for everyone and this includes the marketers too. With so many avenues of pushing your product having a correct strategy becomes very important. Consumers are using a lot of social media modes to make their purchase decisions and Pinterest is not to be left behind. Not only do …

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10 Creative LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Business

Using LinkedIn for business is quite common now so if you want your business to flourish, it is good to keep some LinkedIn advertising tips handy. Your LinkedIn marketing strategy must be functional and personalized and here is how to make it that way. The evolution of LinkedIn LinkedIn started as a small networking site …

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Ultimate Guide for Targeting Methods on Facebook

  Facebook is the most used social networking site in world and advertising on Facebook is the most effective and best way of getting leads. But what most important is getting the right audience at the right time for which you need have good idea of how you can target and about various options available of targeting. …

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