Do You Know Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Pages?

Do you Know why google is not indexing your pages

Google has confirmed that it will not index the page or the content of your website if it requires cookies for viewing the content. John Mueller said in its Tweet that Google almost certainly cannot index a page that requires cookies. He said that you need to make sure to “remove the dependency” on cookies …

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How to do SEO Competition Analysis to Improve Website Ranking?

Why You Should Analyse Your Competitors for SEO?

Competitive analysis is one of the first stages of building a strong SEO campaign. To beat the competition, you should keep your eyes on your competitors. Tracking competitors’ keyword rankings, campaign content, social and brand mentions, and other digital marketing strategies help your social media and content teams to collaborate better on the campaign and …

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Landing Page Optimization in SEO – All You Need to Know

Landing Page Optimization in SEO - All You Need to Know

The prime motto of any digital marketer is to design a high converting landing page. The motive of the landing page is to make the visitors click and visit another page on your site or get visitors to buy or learn something (include commenting and feedback submission). While creating an attractive landing page for your …

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9 Reasons To Know Why Visitors Tend to Ignore Your Website

10 Reasons Why Visitors Ignore Your Website

As a blogger, you do everything on your website (like Implementing latest UI/UX design, writing great content, Product videos etc.) to generate high traffic. But, in spite of all this, if you are unable to achieve the goal, it demotivates you, and you wonder why it has happened? Apart from publishing quality content and creating …

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Beginner’s Guide to Bounce Rate – Everything You Need To Know About It

Beginners Guide to Bounce Rate

Are you tired of bad ranking on Google Search Engine and want to improve your page’s position on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)? Then one of the remedies lies in reducing the “Bounce rate.” Bounce rate is when a visitor comes to your site to get the desired information, but instead of staying for some …

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What is Anchor Text and Why it is Required for Effective SEO Strategy

What is Anchor Text and its importance in SEO

Anchor text is very important for the perfect SEO for your website. Many people have read about it and have seen it too but they are unaware of what the anchor text is and why is it necessary for SEO optimization. Looking at its benefits this has been considered as one of the important SEO …

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New Search Console-Links Report, Mobile Usability, and User Management

google new search console

To simplify things and make the Search Console more transparent, Google has come up with the new Search Console. Based on a user interface model, it is built to help site owners resolve issues much faster. It also facilitates two-way communication between the Google and Website Owners along with powerful new functions and new attractive …

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Google Core Algorithm Update – August 2018

Google core algorithm update 2018

After Google’s core algorithm August 2018 update many website traffic went down. What is the reason? What algorithmic changes Google have made according to this update? And how to recover the traffic loss that has occurred after this. In this post, the information about the update is given in detail. Google’s core algorithm update was deployed …

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An Insight to the Fetch as Google Webmaster Tool

Fetch as google

The Fetch as Google permits you to examine how Google crawls or renders a URL on your site. You can use Fetch as Google to see whether Googlebot can get to a page on your site, how it provides the page, and whether any page assets, (for example, pictures or contents) are blocked to Googlebot. …

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How to Improve Ranking by Fixing Crawl Error?

How to Improve Ranking by Fixing Crawl Error?

“Crawl errors” reports in Google search console have ever bothered you? Put a full stop to your worries related to crawl errors. We are putting here some light on the solutions to cope up with this common issue as this has a direct effect on the performance of the website. Before proceeding further, let’s scratch some …

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