Turn Your Buyers Into Brand Promoters via Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook is best known for its quality referral traffic for retailers. This friend traffic that is sent from facebook to ecommerce websites, has good chance of being converted into buyers. Social Likes, shares also provide major SEO benefits for retailers.Drive Traffic to Ecommerce website using facebook

Recently facebook is being accused of failing retailers.Due to the its declining organic reach, it has become harder for retailers to gain marketing profits out of it. Increasing rate of Fake Likes has further made Facebook, a minefield for retailers.

Retailers must understand that Facebook is designed for peer-to-peer communication among users. They must adapt strategies to drive word-of-mouth brand promotion and convert their buyers into social brand ambassadors. Hubspot partnered with ShopSocially and found out some successful strategies used by Retailers:

  • Encourage users to social share their purchases.
  • Convert your buyers into Facebook fans.
  • Use Facebook Connect for generating deep social Insights.
  • Include Social Testimonials on product Pages
  • Below Infographic will help you understand use of Facebook to generate sales for your Business

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