10 Clever Ways to Sell Your Product on Pinterest


Technology has made lives super simple for everyone and this includes the marketers too. With so many avenues of pushing your product having a correct strategy becomes very important. Consumers are using a lot of social media modes to make their purchase decisions and Pinterest is not to be left behind. Not only do the consumers get the chance to have a complete look at the desired product they also link up with the end website of the company which eventually leads to conversions.



If you are also contemplating how to sell on Pinterest here are some super clever ways to do that.


1) Optimal usage of Buyable pins 

For marketers using Shopify, Demandware and other e-commerce platforms Pinterest offers the option of creating buyable pins. Set up your business account and along with each product provide an option to buy the product from there itself.




These buyable pins are easy to notice and simplify selling on Pinterest. What’s more, the consumer gets an option to add and buy a product from different sellers at the same time.


2) Promoted pins

If you are looking at buying ads on Pinterest then the promoted pins option is what would work best for you. Every marketing plan has a particular goal that it wants to achieve. Basis that you can choose where to place your pins so that they can be accessible to your ideal customers.




Since pins do not expire your ads continue to be displayed till the time you do not decide to do away with them.


3) Play on the visuals

There is no doubt in the fact that better visuals would be pinned more. Pay attention to the size of the image and the colors used in it. Small images tend to be ignored just like the ones with dull picture quality. Don’t just limit yourself to talking only about the qualities of your product.



Give the readers interesting compilations fulfilling any of their needs. Expand your reach and share your inspiration with a wider base of audience. One word of caution though. Make sure to keep all your pins organized. Categorize the boards and put images as per each category. Selling products on pinterest becomes convenient if the pins are relevant and all at one place.


4) The Re-pin board

In case you do not have many quality images to boast off, you can re-pin someone else’s to your board too. Pinterest gives you the option to create a separate board which may not be related to your product as such. However, it will attract more customers to your board and it won’t be time before some of them convert into concrete sales.



Be careful because of following Pinterest’s copyright rules else you might just end up facing a controversy.


5) Reach out to your followers

If you wish to sell on Pinterest try to make the sales process enriching for your followers. Though Pinterest does not involve as much commenting as Facebook does the purchases happening are much more significant.



Whenever you receive any comment or any queries make sure to answer it early and with as many relevant details as possible. Pinterest gives you an option to go through the most pinned and observed pins and it is important that you frame your future content accordingly.


7) Make use of the Pinterest Gift tab

An interesting feature of Pinterest is the gift tab which links products falling within a stipulated price range and can be browsed as an ideal gift option. The customer gets an option to go through multiple products falling in that range. In case you want your product to benefit do add a price tag to your product.



Automatically Pinterest would add this price to your product and reflect it in the final selection.


8) Keywords and checkout optimization

Just like website content SEO optimization is important here as well. Find out which keywords work out better and lead to more conversions. Use them effectively to make the search of your product much easier. In case you need to change the caption of the image to match these keywords do so.



Apart from that, it is also important that you make the checkout process simplified. At times the customer reaches the stage of checkout but exits as he is not convinced to complete the process. Try and use as many CTA’s as required. Also adding previous client testimonials at the landing page reinforces the belief of the customer that he is making the right choice.


9) Use Rich pin feature

The rich pin feature allows the customer to understand the usefulness of your brand. Using them you can provide the customer valuable information like its price and where he can buy it from. It is more like answering the customer’s questions even before he gets a chance to ask them.



So far there is an option to create 5 types of rich pins- Products, recipes, movies, articles, and places. Take your pick and use it amply to make the customer stay on your page for a long time.


10) Using the pin it button

Finally, add the pin it button to all your website and other related pages so that your customers know how to have a better look at your offerings.

The fact is that the most pinned images are most likely going to be from your own website. An individual to reach out to you would have to pin your page to his board. Instead, make it more streamlined so that he can just reach out to you just through one click.


Pinterest has gradually evolved as a method to give your lagging sales a boost. However, it is very important that the usage of the same is not overdone. Instead of just adding random images every day try and set a perfect schedule to your pins. Try and use videos and visuals to make the customer interested in your offering. The approach should be to give them an innovative offering each time so that they wait for your next pin. There are elaborate guides available which let you know how to sell on Pinterest with Shopify and other ecommerce modules. Once you learn the trick to be able to do so it won’t be much time before Pinterest would become a major part of your digital marketing strategy.



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