7 Secrets of Clickable Calls-to-Action

Creating content is one thing and creating compelling content is another and when it comes to marketing content, it should be good, really good, so as to increase your sales and fulfilling your marketing goals and to stand you apart from the crowd of your competitors. Without a slightest degree of uncertainty, your Call-to-action plays a huge role in your marketing efforts.

If your Calls-to-action unable to influence your visitors to click, then it is simply no worth to create it. You don’t believe me but keeping some simple tweaks in mind while designing your website in your CTA can transform into a lead generation motor. So what are those tweaks let’s discuss them one by one.

Make the size of your CTA big

Many marketers make the blunder of giving CTA button at the end of the copy with smaller size. Consider yourself in place of your target audience; would you like to it click it? The simple answer is a big no and moreover majority of the times people would miss it when they are visiting your site. So, make the size of your CTA button big so that people would like to consider it.

Do not brim your copy and make it look crummy

This is essential people would not like to consider a CTA that is overly stuffed and looks fearful. Provide some white space (free space) within your copy to let it breathe. Fill the white space of your copy with some warm colors. Generally marketers overly stuffed their CTAs with words, images, and graphics, it is recommended by experts to abandon this practice unless those overly stuffed content is influencing people to take the action.

CTA Button placement

big call to action examplePlacement of CTA button is essential; you can put it in on top and left of your ad or exactly below your offer description. Well there is no perfect place to put it, you can do A/B testing to find out which place suits you the best. It also depends on the context and layout of the rest of the page’s content and design. But keep in mind it matters, so do proper research and analysis before coming to a decision.

Hover affect can do wonders

Well if you do not what is a hover effect, then you need to know is hover effect is something which changes it physical appearance for instance color and/or brightness each time you take your curser on it. Make use of it. Hover affect make up the mind of the visitor that your CTA button is ready to be clicked so it can physiologically play with the users’ mind and chances will get enhanced that they will click the button.

Include number and bullet points

In fact this point comes in critical On-Page SEO factors and search engines favor it. Through using numbers and bullets you can eliminate the ambiguity, add more weight to your copy, and give user the particular idea about your ad. No doubt, it makes a positive impact on visitors’ mind. Whatever you are offering, be it white paper, special discount, eBook etc. mention them in number or bullet points.

Text is more important than graphics

When visitor is skimming your offer, he would like to go through text part more in comparison with graphics. Make the copy of your content more precise, actionable and simple but it simply doesn’t mean that graphics are a total waste in fact many times graphics can give more clear message than text. So all in all add graphics but concentrate more on text.

Use impactful language

You can use words like discover, enhance etc. rather than be more knowledgeable etc. Also make your copy short by using powerful and actionable language. You can also use word like ‘now’ at your CTA button to make it look more actionable. Furthermore, you can use signs like arrow pointing towards CTA button or simply add an image of a cartoon or human being staring at your CTA button.

Perform A/B Testing

Sometimes generally what can be said the best practice for one business can be proved a total worth for your business. That’s the core reason why A/B testing comes into play. For instance red can be considered the color of passion and energy but in your case it will not help in making your CTA copy effective. So try different colors, placement of CTA button etc. and see what helps you to generate more leads before running an ad.

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