Bing Introduces a new content submission pilot which lets publishers submit not just URL to search engine but also submit its full content and images. This allows bing to see your content prior to crawling the content.


It is a Limited Pilot which means bing has tested this feature on limited no. of sites & seems, it has reached out to specific publishers.

What’s new?

Bing also lets publishers to submit content over a year ago but it only lets you submit URL to be indexed but bing still had to crawl those pages for fully indexed to understand the page.

The new addition over here is you can’t just submit the new URL but all the content  & HTML directly to Bing without actually crawl the content.

Learn more.

This is not public yet as there is no public documentation of it and no way to be part of this pilot.

Why we care.

We Should care because it is a fundamental change as to how search engine gets new content in the search index.


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