Ride hailing cab provider Uber’s new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has hinted towards initial public offering (IPO) 2019. His first task at Uber Technologies Inc will be to come up with a set of principles to rewrite and work on the firm’s ethical code.


Jeremy Liew’s view on Khosrowshahi

“I saw him work with strong personalities and complex situations, and simplify to focus on what actually matters,” said Jeremy Liew, a venture capitalist who reported to Khosrowshahi at IAC/InterActiveCorp. “He has a strong moral compass.”

Khosrowshahi was molded by his escape from Iran as a kid, just before the chaos of the 1979 revolution. He accompanied his family to the US as a 9-year-old refugee. He experienced childhood in Tarrytown, New York, with his mom and siblings.

Though a refugee, Khosrowshahi said, he didn’t feel like one as a child. “For the grown-ups, it was a difficult transition,” he told Bloomberg Businessweek this year.


About Dara Khosrowshahi

After studying engineering at Brown University, Khosrowshahi accepted a position at speculation bank Allen and Co, where his sibling is a best dealmaker today. Their cousins are unmistakable investors and senior innovation officials at Intel Corp. furthermore, Alphabet Inc.

Barry Diller, the very rich person media head honcho, enlisted Khosrowshahi into his internal hover amid the website free for all in the late 1990s. Diller requested that Khosrowshahi scout securing targets and set up together the sprawling web domain known as IAC. He chipped away at the organization’s buy of Expedia in 2003 and after that assumed control over the online travel business.

His peers in the corporate world admire him for his trustworthiness and strong values, which are difficult to find in a person and that too who is in the world of deal making.


Immigration a key issue for Uber

Immigration is a key issue for Uber. The organization has said 15 percent of US representatives are on work visas, and the administration is a typical path for foreigner drivers to bring home the bacon.

The ride-hailing organization has been a most loved focus for controllers basically since its initiation and all the more as of late has struggled claims undermining to overturn the eventual fate of independent driving exploration, the way it consults with drivers and the creation of the organization’s board.


Khosrowshahi’s plans to improve diversity issues at Uber

In a meeting Tuesday, Khosrowshahi recommended he would organize assorted variety issues at Uber. He was idealistic about Uber’s prospects regardless of the many difficulties.

Khosrowshahi was selected on Sunday as the Uber’s new CEO over other finalists that include General Electric’s chairman Jeffery Immelt and Hewlett Packard’s CEO Meg Whitman who turned down the job several times.


Travis Kalanick welcomes Khosrowshahi

Kalanick welcomed his successor in an emailed statement Tuesday night. The ex-CEO complimented Khosrowshahi’s “deep passion for team building.” Kalanick concluded: “I couldn’t be happier to pass the torch to such an inspiring leader.”

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