Facebook is launching out three new updates to monetize videos and earn revenue as a content creator. The latest changes made by Facebook for video monetization options include:

  • Making money from the short-form video.
  • Extending eligibility to more content creators.
  • Making it easy for creators to earn money from contributions by viewers.


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The facility to earn money from videos published on Facebook is only available to Pages that fulfill certain conditions. As the conditions have now been updated, let’s have a look at that first.

Eligibility Requirements Update

Now more pages will be able to monetize their videos with ads after Facebook updates its eligibility criteria. Facebook has now set different sets of requirements for every video ad type: Gaming, In-stream, and Live.

In-Stream Ad Eligibility

In-Stream ads indicate ads that are displayed either during or before a video.

Facebook Pages must fulfill the following condition to be eligible to run in-stream ads:

  • 600,000 minutes watch time – It could from any set of video uploads in the past 60 days. Let it be live streams, video uploads, and recordings of live streams.
  • At least 5 or more active video uploads – Videos should be published, not removed, and comply with Facebook’s Content Monetization policies.

Earlier Facebook use to consider regular videos over three minutes but now it also considers shorter video uploads, recordings of live video, and live streams. In-stream ads are not available to personal profiles.

Make Money Straight From Viewers

When pages fulfill the eligibility to run ads in live streams then they will be able to make money with Stars. If you know what Twitch’s ‘Bits’ is then you will understand the concept of Facebook’s ‘Stars’ easily. It is like a digital currency that viewers buy with real money and give it to the creators to reward them for their content.

Facebook Creator Monetization Stars
Image Source: Facebook

Facebook Creator Monetization
Image Source: Facebook


Facebook is now increasing the eligibility for Stars to more 15 countries. Facebook will soon test the ability for creators to earn Stars from non-live videos. Content creators can check out if their pages fulfill any of these monetization programs in Creator Studio. Pages can also apply for the programs. Facebook states that it will now check all the applications and will start accepting more Pages that fulfill the criteria.

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