Bringing the Poke on the field, Facebook has recently discarded its ticker feed from its platform. The ticker feed used to show the user’s friend’s activity like the status update, page likes etc. and that too in real time. But, now this option is no more available in it.


About Ticker Feed

Launched in 2011 as a real-time alternative, this ticker feed was used to determine what content to see as an alternative to news feed algorithm. While the news feed showed top stories based on likes the ticker, on the other hand, showed everything that the user’s friend is doing in real-time like the status update, likes or comments.


The Execution of Ticker

The removal of ticker just didn’t happen in a day rather its removal was tested in 2013. But, its removal has received mixed reactions from the user. There were plenty of users who were using the feature because it has both an algorithmic feed and real-time updating option.


The Change in Interface

The right-hand sidebar that was present in the desktop platform of Facebook is now divided into sections with Stories at the top, then followed by an event, some trending topics or some new episode in the latest video platform of Facebook and ads.

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