Facebook is testing a new tool that helps users to transfer facebook photos and videos to Google and other party platforms. Marketers might have an advantage. Facebook will roll out in the year 2020.

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Initial Test:

The company rolled out an initial test with the support of Google photos only and coming to other platforms in the following months. Facebook releases the test in its blog post.

Reason For Testing A New Tool:

The big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft form a joint venture which aims to share and transfer data easily on online services. Therefore, this move is a subpart of the Data Transfer Project.


The major benefits go to the marketers as they don’t have to save large data and re-upload the content on different sites. They can easily transfer bulk data.

More Information:

  • The tool is first launched in Ireland and with relevant feedbacks, it will be rolled out globally in the first half of 2020.
  • Facebook has taken full care of privacy, as a result, the transfer of media will be in encrypted form with password authorization facilities.




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